Creates Passive Income Through TV & Radio Infomercials

After less than one week in the business this unique program seems to get better and better by the day!

I am pleased to announce that just launched its 100,000 Bottle Give Away Campaign on TV Commercials across the country!

YOU have the opportunity to get your share of daily profits based upon the sales that are generated as a result of the media campaign and
other company profits on a daily basis for simply being a member and helping finance the advertising.  The company offers you a way
to get paid passively, semi- actively or pro-actively if you choose to build a team.

Some people want to know how the company can pay daily profits and exactly how the math works well here you go.

Before I get into the math, if you are ready to enroll or want to watch more detailed info please go to MyNyloxin Business Overview to
get detailed business and product info. After you view the presentation you can join our team in the highest spot in my group using the
link at the end of the presentation.  You will be personally sponsored by me and I will have a vested interest in helping you succeed.

Why? Because I get paid a check equal to 40% of what I help you make in the 4 x 4 forced matrix that has NO Sponsoring Requirement!

Once you become a member you get to participate in the optional MyNyloxin Direct Response Media Division where you
can devote funds towards the purchase of media units that you can then allocate to specific Advertisign campaigns.
As a participant you qualify to get  a share of profits each banking day for up to 90 days.
What determines how long you will get paid profit sharing for is the way you position yourself with the company.
Everyone starts with a $1.00 trial membership for 30 days. After that you will be required to make a minimum monthly

order as low as $36 plus shipping and handling to be qualified. Say around $50 total.

Once you are in the system as a basic member you now have the option to participate in the
4 x4 Forced Matrix with NO Sponsoring requirement and or purchase Media Units from the media division.

You will also have the option to purchase an optional start up package. Each package will provide you with
a specific amount of product and other advantages. One of which is the length of time you will receive profit sharing
based upon the amount of Media Units you purchase if you choose to purchase any at all.

Here is how the packages break down.

There are a few different options.

Basic ($1) members receive 75 days of profit share.

Bronze ($300) members receive 80 days of profit share.

Silver ($750) members receive 85 days of profit share.

Gold ($1,500) members receive 90 days of profit share.

Now lets talk about the math.  When people understand the math everyone will be waiting on line to join us in
Do you realize that 90 revenue days (14 weeks) even with ZERO re-purchases still comes out to a minimum 8% profit.
That’s per 14 weeks. Add to this 100% re-purchases and you are much higher. So where does the revenue come from?
(Even with the new 1.175 minimum it comes out to a minimum 5% profit every 90 revenue days)
12% of the Media Sales and 50% of the actual sales from the Media Packages selling the product on TV, Radio & Print
advertisements. The company believes within 6 months or less just the revenue from the 50% of actual sales will more
than cover the minimum revenue share and leave a serious profit for the company to boot.
The 100,000 bottle Give-A-Way campaign is estimated to produce 30,000 auto ship customers and that is if 7 out of 10
do not re-order. Creating on a low end of $30 auto-ship an estimated sales of $900,000 monthly or $10,800,000.00
in annual sales of which $5,400,000.00 goes to revenue share.
Please note that is the smallest auto-ship at $30 per monthly order. However if a person takes the
gel and the spray that is $60 or if they take just 1 extra strength that’s $50 or 1 of each of the extra strength is $100 monthly.
Now take on the word of mouth of the 30,000 satisfied customers in the USA which is just a fraction of a fraction of our
potential market. In fact all the statistics say that 1 million satisfied customers in the USA  would be only 1% of the market.
Then when you trow into the mix PET PAIN AWAY you can really begin to get excited, Especially when there are no alternatives
for pets who need pain relief products. At least ones with ZERO side affects. The story just keeps getting better and better and
to think there are less than 1200 MIE(s) as of 7/10/2014 in the USA and less than 50 International MIE(s) around the world.
The above is all about The MyNyloxin MID Opportunity.
When you add The MyNyloxin Network Marketing Opportunity it really get’s going.
  • 1x’s to 3x’s Fast start bonuses. A Gold Package Sale pays up to $450 in Commission.
  • $10-$20  paid up to 4 levels of sales in the 4×4 earns up to $5960 and more with compression coming.
  • Up to 40% match income on all personally sponsored in the 4 x4.  Help 10 people earn $1000 monthly and you earn $4,000 monthly.
  • 2% paid up to 10 levels of all sales and purchases outside the 4×4 and fast start sales.
  • 10% match paid up to 10 levels of earnings in the uni-level.
  • Create UNLIMITED 4 x 4 matrixes AFTER you fill your first two levels. This means your upline can become your downline!
The above are just the highlights of The MyNyloxin Compensation Plan.
There are so many moving parts to the program and every time some thing
is sold the real time software pays out everyone in REAL TIME commissions.
Think about it! Each time a retail sale is made 1 person earns a retail commission;
another person earns a 10% direct  commission; up to 10 people are paid a 2%
commission and up to 10 people are paid a matching bonus. That means 22 MIE(s)
earned a commission within 2 minutes of that $29.95 sale being made. All in real
time with real time software. The MyNyloxin Software Programs which tracks every
single transaction in real time cost over 3.5 million dollars to create just for MyNyloxin.
Add to all of this the transparency of the company with all of it’s MIE(s) and you will
know that you know that you are in the right place at the right time with the right
opportunity and soon many more people in the world will know about Rik Deitsch
Got questions? Give me a call. You will be linked with one of the fastest growing
teams in the company! You can reach me Owen Brown, MIH (Make It Happen) Team Leader  at 610 277-4963

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