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Years ago, at the advent of one of the greatest Multi level Marketing Companies/ AMWAY it was the normal procedure to try to enlist friends and family to buy Products, whether they wanted them or not.  By doing this the distributor made money on on each and every sale. It was also taught to sign up as many distributors as possible to duplicate the efforts and thereby expand this business bringing more and more commissions.

This type of networking is still around today and many people make an excellent income from working this way. However, chasing family and friends is the easiest way to become isolated from them.

Let’s face it, who wants to be pestered into buying stuff they do not need just to fill your pockets.

With the growth of the internet it has become easier to contact many like-minded individuals who also wish to earn online. However money does not fall from the sky just because you have an online presence.

To earn online many factors are involved:

Firstly you must educate yourself with marketing tools. Next you must find a business that has something to offer with mass appeal at a reasonable cost. It is wise to join lots of Social Networking Websites and Money Making Forums to make contacts.
Money Making Forums are a good way to see what is coming up or what has a good reputation.

MLM is a people to people business, and for this you need, PEOPLE. When you finally make your decision on what business you wish to be involved with, then it is time for work. Yes, WORK!!!! Working at home is no different than working at an ordinary business or doing day to day job. You must work your business.

In other sections of my Blog I have given resources on how and where to advertise with step by step instructions that even a 7 year old can follow.

To be successful you need to KEEP on, each and every day, advertising/promoting/marketing and more of the same.

We also all play the money games, knowing full well what they are, these are good for boosting earnings but usually are short lived. Each and everyone of us needs ONE permanent Primary business to stick with for the long haul.
Promoting is SALES, some are born as sales people, others are not, IT IS WHAT IT IS..

For the Non sales folk, Passive programs are better suited. I have to say I know more passive folks than workers. I list all types of programs / income opportunities here on My Blog,  Product Based, Money Games, Team Builds and of course Passive Income.
Some passive stand out from the rest and have more longevity than others. It is common practice for passive folk to join Team Builds.

I like Teams, it is all for one and one for all IF all members follow the rules.  Team builds fail when each member does not pull their weight. But there is great success to be had if a group of determined folks get together.

I am formulating an idea for the perfect TEAM, stay posted for news on this later.

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana

3 thoughts on “Network Marketing, MLM & Passive Income Programs

  1. Dirson,

    I have had the blessing of being a charter member of several teams. I am building several new marketing groups as I write this too. I’d be curious to see your concept and your proposal when you’re ready. — RG WIlliams

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