Newsletter 01 / 28 / 2011

General Update

Programs Discussed
-Cash-Twist + Special Offer
*Advertising Strategies being written

**Cash-Twist (One time $9 out of pocket incredible income potential, earned over $400usd already)

Cash-Twist is an amazing new program that has a lot to offer, first time that I join this type of compensation
plan and I am amazed on how well it works. We have a great Admin working for the best of the members,
just the fact that members can have only 1 positions tells you a lot, (Hint : no greed).

Most of the average Networkers Struggle to promote their business online and if you pay for Advertising you
know that it can get really expensive. With Cash-Twist for just $9usd you get all of the following :

“Build Your List with Ease”
“2 Aurora Solo Ads”(Solo Ads are an amazing and effective way to advertise)
I pay more than that for any type of advertising.
“2 Traffic Links at Fairy Ads”
“2 Login Ads at Fairy Dust Board”
“2 Premium Ads at Front Page Ads”
“5 Banners Ads at HasExchange”
“Solo Ad at Jaguar MegaMail”
“2 Text Ads at MPG”
“5,000 Banner Impressions at Summit Ads”
” Terminus Traffic Exchange 30 days Upgrade”
“2 Solo Ads at Ambulance”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Cash-Vault”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Dragon Fire”
“3 Traffic Links at GDI Pro Traffic”
“2 Banner Ads and 2 Traffic Links at Royal Profit”
“2 Banner Ads and 2 Traffic Links at Shotgun Traffic”
“2 Traffic Links and 100 Guaranteed Clicks – Superb Exposure at Paragon Alliance”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Viral Email”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Advertising Madness”
“2 Banners and 2 Traffic Links at All American Text Ads”
“2 Banner Ads at Aurora Ads”
“3 Solo Ads at Fairy Ads”
“5 Banner Ads at Fairy Dust”
“2 Solo Ads and 1 Hotlink at Scorpio Ads”

The price for Cash-Twist is a no-brainier for the product alone, now on top of that you join the Payplan and
add to your investment an income potential of over $30,000usd.

For more details / sign up please visit :
Special offer for the next 5 members (Join, Upgrade and  get $5 cashback… Your total invesment $4 for all
the above) *** Note : Contact Me before joining Additional Information***

**Club-Asteria (The Ultimate Passive Income)

Here is my weekly commissions without referring 1 single member, all of my referrals are going to my downline
so this is pure passive and this is just for a week paid within hours of request (Do the math):

Date: January 27, 2011 10:39:18 PM
Amount Sent: $156.00 USD
Sender Name: Asteria Corporation
Sender Email:
Reference Number: BF86E-7A68B-31E0D,
Message: Commission

For more information / sign up please visit /

**Zubie (Fastest Growing 2×10 Forced Matrix with Automatic Teambuild)

For just $30 you can be part of this amazing program, with just 2 members you break even and start to profit
from that point. For your $30 you receive all of the Tools a Network Marketer needs, Subscribers List, AutoResponder

For more information please visit :

**Fortune2x2 (Looks like its improving)

Lately Fortune2x2 has been working on their product to deliver what they promised which is re-brandable ebooks
that we can share online on : Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc and they sell themselves… These are great news
lets wait and see how things keep on developing.



**Advertising Strategies :
Just like I wrote the strategy “Advertising with Traffic Exchangers” I am in the process of writting some more,
next is “Advertising with Banner Ads” and then “Generating Traffic with Forums”.

You will get these first in my new blog at

Kind Regards
P.S. I wanted to keep this e-mail short but cash-twist alone took a lot of space
If you have any questions feel free to contact

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