No More QLxchange & OneX

QLxchange & OneX
No Longer Workable

I am quitting OneX

After a very, very long year with Qlxchange and OneX, I am now completely quitting and will share the reason why below.

OneX started as a great program that costs only $5usd, an unique concept based on the Gifting type of program compensation plan but with an auto-mated payout system.

Since the beginning of OneX, the main company is called QLxchange which is and was a project that never came to life. The Administration at OneX & QLxchange were very inexperienced and I personally gave dozens of suggestions that luckily were implemented and opened the doors to the progress of this program.

QLxchange and OneX lasted a year over coming hundreds of problems and paying but there was one problem that was never solved…

Of all the suggestion that I sent to the QLxchange and OneX management one was never listened to but I did make some emphasis in it and it was about the Payment Processors.

Since day 1 QLxchange dreamed of having their payment processor but that never came into reality instead they had the options for members to pay using Solid Trust Pay and the killer Credit Cards.

There has been 100s of companies over the years that have been victim of the Credit Card fraud just like this one, what killed this program was nothing more than pure Credit Card fraud.

My simple suggestion was to use the payment processors that are already commonly used by tens of thousands of companies to process payments and avoid this exact type of problem. PayZa (former Alertpay), Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, OkPay, iPayout, Global, just to name a few.

Setting up an account with one or several of these payments processor is simply a piece of cake but instead they took the credit card root and that took us where we are now.

QLxchange & OneX are no longer Do-able programs, each time you refer someone or earn a commission you get a deduction due to fraud, the big problem with this is the fact that you don’t have a way to track anything. Your account balance would simply go negative each time you withdraw so honestly you don’t know what is happening.

They’ve been trying to launch their QLxchange Gold & Silver program for the past 5 years (almost) with no luck and now their payment processor for over 1 year.

Looks like these will never happen.

They now started a new company (speculation) called Paradigm Shift and trying to get their Gold & Silver program running there. I don’t have any proof that this is their company but just to start they had about 150 different problems and glitches and somehow their merchant account has the exact same name as QLxchange and OneX.

So with this I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be participating in OneX and removing all ads from my blog and website.

It was really nice while it lasted but they couldn’t get their act together after all this time.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime through the contact link or using the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

6 thoughts on “No More QLxchange & OneX

  1. Awais Ahsan says:

    You are right the onex and Qlxchange adminstration are really crazy.They shoild add a simple payment processor no need for a credit card merchant account.They are simply not doing what they started on the very first day.I like their program very much hope another company will come like same to onex and that will pay attention to its customers.

    • Alan Jimenez Santana says:

      There are already many programs out there, OneX was definitely a good one due to the low start up cost and the huge leverage and potential income but they definitely messed it up. They are still trying to get their own payment processor… After this long.

  2. They accept your idea about i-pay out 😀

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