OneX by QLxchange – Advertising & Marketing Tools

OneX by QLxchange is on the verge of launch, we are pretty close and soon the company will be open for  new members registration.

To support my team I set up a small website that provides all of the tools needed to start your advertising campaign, you can choose to set up your tools now or later when the program launches, I suggest you do it now. It is always good to be ready upfront and not wait until the last minute.

I made several banners available for everyone in the internet for free not only my team, sizes at the moment I have are, the button size 125 x 125 and the standard size 468 x 60. I will make more banners, if you want an specific size just let me know.

I wrote a promotional e-mail for the launch to send as soon as it opens and soon I will be also adding follow up letters to send to your prospects.

I made a Lead Capture Page that is easily customizable to fit your needs, there is a small one time charge for the capture page because it is hosted in my server and it uses my auto responder, you can see how the Lead Capture Page looks like here.

I also linked to some of the best advertising guides and strategies that I wrote here.

You can find all the details below :

*** OneX Advertising & Marketing Tools ***

I want to make more emphasis on this, we don’t have any details on who the administrators of this program are or what is their payment processor or whatever.

I highly suggest getting a debit card from Visa or Mastercard at your local bank to link to the new payment processor they will have available for us, load it with $20usd and be ready for launch. This debit card should be unique for this business, this is just a precaution it doesn’t mean anything nor I can’t predict the future but you know what people say… It’s better to be safe than sorry.

*** Very Important Launch Update ***

Sounds like they are expecting the countdown clock to start on Tuesday, June 7th.  Then pre-registration will begin on Wednesday, June 8th.  She mentioned that if it’s ready by Monday the clock could start a day early, or if running behind, clock could start on Wednesday.  But overall, it’s expected to start next week.

The cloud server is all set on OneX’s side, just waiting on the server people to finalize what they are doing.  They are also getting things final with whatever payment processor is going to be used.

Auto upgrade button options will be:
Auto Upgrade Off
Auto Upgrade On Next Tier (most recommended)
Auto Upgrade On Continuous (must have $1,275.00 in wallet for this to work)

I think that’s about it, other than they placed a google translator on the site which is really nice too!

An important enhancement has been added since my last update. This
is the “Keys” feature and you can read how it works at these 2 links….

Thats all for now.

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana


2 thoughts on “OneX by QLxchange – Advertising & Marketing Tools

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome marketing tools and resources. I plan on putting them to good use. 😉

    • Robert J Fox says:

      I just wanted to tke the time to tell you that I am also here to help you in any6 way I can and I wanted to talk to you about your church if you have one you frequently attend, we have a fantastic program to help every parishiner that would like to get involved in uising this wonderful program of OneX and QLXchange. There has been some new upgrades to the program also but they would all be able to do this and collect money for thier curch and for donation’s of any kind. we evenm have CVo-Op advertising if you are interested in doing that with this awesome program we need to reach out and get every soul we can tell about this it’s totally awesome and I have people that would be glad to pay it forward for people that cannot afford this program, it’s a 5.00 dollar one time fee. and never another unless you want to take and accellerate your matrix and move it into stage 2 faster than the normal way. but there is a cost for this you do not have to use it but the company has offered to pay it forward for you on 441.00 of this 49.00 cost for you to mopve to stage 2 tier 1 with 4 people behind you thats it. then comes the big money try this it’s great.

      Thank You and God Bless you and your Family.
      Robert J Fox