OneX by QLxchange Withdrawal Option Available (Payment Proof Inside)

Update 07/11/2012

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I have a big update for OneX so please read all the way through the bottom, there are over 140,000 members already.

If you are in my list, which you can join on the left sidebar
You know that I am upgrading 30 members in OneX, so far there are only 5 0 positions left. This offer is available to new and old members and all you have to do is join under me and send me your OneX username and I will upgrade you. You also need to follow this blog through my Facebook fan page and Google Friend Connect, more on this later on.

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OneX withdrawal option now available, first payments coming soon.

The withdrawal option is finally available and members can choose to withdraw to their SolidTrustPay account, in the future they will have additional withdrawal options including a Debit Card. Withdrawal were supposed to be instant but I just requested mine and it shows pending, maybe because of the amount not sure about that.

I will also post a payment proof for OneX as soon as I receive the payment and reduce my advertising efforts.

OneX Commission Payment Proof

Auto-Upgrade On / Off

When you log into your onex backoffice by going to and clicking on “Login” you have a new feature that can be found under the “Upgrades” tab (click Upgrades and then OneX). This option is the Auto-Upgrade by default it is set to upgrade your account all the way to level 4 from phase 2, I suggest that you set this option to Phase 1 level four, this way if you have pending commissions they won’t be all taken for the next phase upgrades.

Also if you want you can turn it off all together, this would be the safest option.
Building Your Business To Earn Commissions!

This is the most important aspect of all and I encourage you to start building your team now, if you took a free upgrade from me even more because if you don’t build your team you won’t make any money, I also have a strategy explained below.

First of all go to OneX Marketing & Advertising Tools page, there you will find all the tools you need which includes : Banners, Text Ads, Follow Up letters, Capture Pages and step by step advertising guides.

Simple but powerful strategy.

OneX compensation plan pays out 100% commissions to its members. The cost to join OneX is only $5usd and if you want to upgrade a referral directly you need to purchase a key for $6 and do it yourself, since it is a 4×4 matrix you can choose to pay for four direct referrals and the total cost would be only $4, the reason being that you will earn 100% commissions on your first four referrals which will give you $20usd back.

So get 4 members and pay their way in, tell them to do the same the total cost for you and for them to follow this strategy will only be $4usd and you would have 4 paid members working with you to build a long term income.

Step by Step instructions on how to Upgrade / PIF a new member into OneX.

Here are the step by step instructions.

1 – Log into your OneX / QLxchange account by going to ““.
2 – Click on “Deposit Funds” on the left menu (You can fund your account using SolidTrustPay or Major Credit, Debit or Prepaid Cards {Visa, Mastercard & Discover}), Each Key costs $6usd.
3 – Click on “Key Acquisition” then choose “Purchase Keys“, choose the number of keys you want and buy.
* Now you have your keys, you can check how many keys you have available at any time by clicking on “Key Bank” then “Key Bank Summary“.
4 – To PIF / Upgrade a member, click on “Key Distribution” and then click on “Auto-Upgrade Member“.
5 – Put the members username and confirm.

That is all for now, if you have any questions please post them in the comment section below :

Kind Regards
Dirson Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

62 thoughts on “OneX by QLxchange Withdrawal Option Available (Payment Proof Inside)

  1. That’s a good strategy. Buy 4 keys and fill your front row of 4 and get $20 back right away and it only costs a very low $4 in total.

    With the $20 back as commissions a member could then buy another 3 or 4 keys and put in another 3 or 4 members and these will be allocated 1 new member under each of the front row people. You can top up your reserve with a few dollars by credit if needed.

    You can fill your front row of 4 and then use those instant commissions to put one each under those 4. A downline of 7 or 8 for just a few dollars.

    If a lot of members did this it will cause a lot of spillover because everyone is filling their first row and getting members onto their second row, and the uplines will start to fill their 3rd & 4th rows.

    By having some personally sponsored members close you are also eligible for “matching bonuses” and these can be very worthwhile as the matrix grows.

    Joining a program and getting 7 or 8 paid downline for around $25 is not expensive.

    The withdraw process at OneX has started and this will now be a program that will operate long term.

    • Hi,

      Please explain me what is the use if I PIF a member and fill 4 in my first row.
      I am not earning any money in this infact i lost 4 $ to get 4 members. but if i continue like this when will i earn money??

  2. I got my payment!

    • That’s great. The program is a lot more advanced now than it was a few weeks ago during the launch. The technical hurdles have been overcome, site loads fast all the time, new features added, and payout system established. Next they will roll out the QLxchange features and this involves quality products & services that will attract a broader range of members and add to the residual imcome potential. Membership over 155,000 and growing fast daily. A good time for members to keep promoting & consolidating their matrix as its shown that the program keeps attracting new members.

    • where did u get ur payment? in Qlxchange or STP into ur bank acc?

      • First the commissions show in Qlreserve, then they are paid out to SolidTrustPay and then you decide how to withdraw that.
        In my case to the bank.

  3. Just ticked over 200,000 members now. A few thousand new members are coming in every day and the main side of the business (QLxchange) hasn’t even started yet. Absolutely amazing! It will start soon and tomorrow there will be a webinar talking about the basic features of QLxchange.

  4. Why does qlxchange decline to settle some withdrawal requests at times and they do not give any explanation? all they say is “withdraw declined – contact support” and however much u write to support? they never reply!!! any one knows qlxchange ph numbers?

    is there a limit on the amount that can be withdrawn? but i only attempted to withdraw 500 USD.

    • Not sure, here it all works fine with withdrawals and they are processed really fast, I withdrew over $900 once in one transaction without problem.

  5. how to withdraw money from onex to my debit card?

    • First they need to launch their payment processor, then you need to request the Debit Card and then you will be able to use it.
      For now the only method is SolidTrustPay for withdrawals.

  6. can you give me step by step on how to withdraw money from onex to my acc, credit card or debit card?

    • There is no way to withdraw to Credit Card as I just explained above.

      Only SolidTrustPay, you can get an account here :

      1 – Login into Onex
      2 – Click on Withdraw Funds
      3 – Put the amount you want to withdraw
      4 – Put your SolidTrustPay Account username and confirm it
      5 – Done
      6 – Transaction will go pending and processed in less than 24 hours.

  7. I have just lost my money, and it says my money is pending

    • There is no way to withdraw to Credit Card as I just explained above.

      Only SolidTrustPay, you can get an account here :

      1 – Login into Onex
      2 – Click on Withdraw Funds
      3 – Put the amount you want to withdraw
      4 – Put your SolidTrustPay Account username and confirm it
      5 – Done
      6 – Transaction will go pending and processed in less than 24 hours.

      • and how am i going to put it on my acc

      • But what are the procedures to follow, to get my money from solidtrust to my debit card. I am from Namibia, and how long will it take to have the money into my local bank account.

        I already open an account with solidtrust, and I want to make a withdrawal. I understand the procedure to follow up to solidtrust, now how to get the money into my local bank debit card, its what I want to know, and how long to be clear and make withdrawal.

        Please advice.

        Onex member

        • If you already have the credit card then the money is accessible as soon as it is on your STP balance.

  8. Can you please upgrade me??

  9. Hi, I have a problem. Yesterday I sent the money and still nothing SOLIDTRUSTPAY nepřišlo.Píše’s pending STATUS: (how long it takes to send the money to SOLIDTRUSTPAY ? thanks for your answer

  10. i want to know what is the minimum withdrawal from my onex account to solid trust pay?

  11. hello,

    I have a problem with my credit card.
    I can’t to complete the steps by “Verify Now”, in “Amount Code”.
    Always displays an error: example: “1.99 is out of range for USD or EUR (i’m italian)
    What amount should I put?

    Thanks to all.

    • Hello,

      You have to put the exact amount they charged on your Credit Card, this is the verification process.

      To know the exact amount you just need to check your Credit Card statement for the details, if its in Euro then call your bank and ask them how much was the transaction in US Dollars.

      After this you will be able to use your Credit Card to fund your QLreserve without problem.

      Hope that helps.

      Kind Regards

      • My available balance is € 10.85
        I put this amount, but nothing, same error.
        I’m doing something wrong?

        At this point, maybe I should create an account on Solid TrustPay, and proceed with that. What do you think?


        • Well it depends on you but getting a Solid Trust Pay account can be really useful because you can also use it for other income opportunities in the future.

          I would suggest you go for STP, in the case of OneX you can safe on some fees.

          If you have anymore questions just let me know, I will be more than happy to help as much as I can.


          • I too think wich create an account on STP be it best solution!
            Good, thanks so much for your fast and clear answers!

            See you soon.

  12. However, I have another problem:
    I have 5 members, but in my account, the amounts is $0. Why??
    I should have $25, right? Maybe because I’ve paid $ 5 to the first 4 members?
    What should I do now to proceed to the Stage 2?
    Thank you.

    • For you to earn commissions they have to upgrade, when they upgrade you will see the commissions.
      Also depending on the level they are and where they landed in your matrix your commissions will vary.

      • Yes, but that’s the problem! I can not complete the verification stage of my credit card …. when I insert the amount in this last movement of the card, by an error: “0.48 is out of range for EUR”.

        I do not know what to do! : (

        • At this point I recommend you send a support ticket with the details so they can check it out themselves.

          • No, I have solved the problem!
            It was simple: just enter the exact amount of the last movement of my credit card…
            I added the $10 and now I switched to the Stage One-Tier 2…but in my account balance still shows $0, why?

          • That’s good to know, that is what I told you on my first reply.

            Anyways you need to refer others and they need to upgrade for you to earn Commissions.

  13. I understand. So, my first $80 I should have them only when one of my affiliates completes Stage One, right?

    • Depending on their placement in your matrix you will earn a different amount for each upgrade they make.

      • Can you give me some examples, please?

        • You can go here for a full compensation plan explanation :
          Stage One
          From your level 1 members you earn $5
          From your level 2 Members you earn $10
          From your Level 3 Members you earn $20
          From your Level 4 Members you earn $40

          That’s the first stage only, the second stage there are bigger payouts. You also earn 100% Matching Bonus on your direct referrals from Second level to level Four.

          • Uh, I think I haven’t understand very well … so, I know that level 1 receives $20, Level 2 $80 Level 3 $640 and level 4 $5,120.00? No?

          • That’s Stage Two.

            From your level 1 members you earn $40
            From your level 2 Members you earn $80
            From your Level 3 Members you earn $160
            From your Level 4 Members you earn $320

            You also earn 100% Matching Bonus on your direct referrals from Second level to level Four.

  14. I read it differently: Stage One, Leven 1: $ 20, Level 2: $ 80, Level 3: $ 640 and Leven 4: $ 5,120.00
    In Stage Two, Level 1, I read: $ 160.00, Level 2: $ 1,280.00, Level 3: $ 10,240.00 and Level 4: $ 81,920.00

    Where am I doing wrong?

    • You are total about the total amount per level and I am talking about how much you earn per member.

      Just as an example, on Level 1 Stage 1 you earn a total of $20usd, that being $5usd for each member, you can have a maximum of 4 members on level 1.
      4 x $5 = $20.

  15. i requested for 10$ from qlxchange yesterday @ pm.. it still shows pending. when will it process

  16. hello! i’m from the philippines and i just want to know how do we withdraw our earnings in OneX? i haven’t availed a credit card or debit card yet. .do we need to verify our card before seeing the process on how to withdraw? i just started in OneX and the only thing in the xpress bulletin board are schedules of webinars and other updates. .based on the video i have seen, it says i will see the process in withdrawing on the xpress bulletin board but it weren’t there. .hope you can help me. . thank you! God Bless! 🙂

    • Login to your account, click on Finances and then click on Withdraw Funds, you will need a Solid Trust Pay account to get paid.


      • thank you! are there any other ways to get our earnings aside from using debit or credit cards? i don’t have any of the two. .

        • You can use Solid Trust Pay to get your money out.

          With solid trust pay then you can exchange for Check, Wester Union, Bank Wire, ACH, DEbit, Credit Card, etc.

          • i have another question, how do we get our money from western union and what do we need to get an account in solid trust pay? in western union, do we need to avail their card or do we get our money in cash? is there any way we can get our money directly from our banks or are there just specific banks that we can get our money? and if so, how much do you think they charge from us? the problem of the members here in the philippines is that not all have credit cards. .

          • hope you can help us, the main problem of the members here in the philippines is that debit cards are not accepted. .thank you! God Bless! 🙂

          • At the moment you can only withdraw to Solid Trust Pay, get an STP account and start from there.

  17. are the transactions easy if you withdraw your earnings through banks? are transactions applicable from solid trust pay to any banks?have you tried to withdraw cash from your earnings?because members from philippines haven’t tried withdrawing cash through transactions from solid trust pay using debit cards. .they do not accept debit cards, and not all members can avail credit cards because some are still students. .i just want to prove that i can withdraw cash from my earnings. .some members are doubters because they can’t withdraw cash. .hope you can help us. .thank you! 🙂