OneX First Round

OneX by QLxchange will start to accept funds into your QLreserve Account (OneX Internal E-wallet) on Friday 24th June (Today) and you will have until Tuesday June 28th at 7pm EST to get a Key or funds into your account from SolidTrustPay.

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So let me explain what will actually happen later on today and on the 28th.

The good news is that we have an additional 4 days to fund our SolidTrustPay account using whatever method we prefer, they accept funding through Bank transfer, bank wire, credit cards, through the xchanger and much more, you can find additional information about funding your account here.

So today when they open for funding, there will be a new tab in our OneX backoffice where you can click to fund your QLreserve from SolidTrustPay account and also an option to buy keys which are later going to be used for your upgrade.

On the 28th is when the program will actually “Launch” and start upgrading members, the first round means that they will be upgrading members to Level 1 which is only $5usd. They will start from top to bottom and go through every account in the system and those that have at least $5usd in their balance or 1 key will be upgraded to level 1 and enter the paid members matrix, after this happen we will have another 24 hours before they start with round 2, if you have enough commissions in your backoffice after first round then you need to do nothing and will be automatically upgraded to level 2 once the time comes.

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You will find banners, follow up letters, promo e-mails, solo ads, lead capture pages and much more.

This is a pretty simple concept and we should be able to see it life soon.
Stay tuned for additional updates and information.

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4 thoughts on “OneX First Round

  1. Funding by credit card through STP back office seems the fastest way to get funds. Try using a Gmail address with STP as any verification emails arrive faster.

    If you have any difficulty with your credit card transaction don’t try it again. Contact STP live support and they will help you through the process if you need to resubmit a credit card order.

    OneX members should get onto funding right away and not leave it to the last minute. Plan the amount you want to fund – at least $5 for yourself, if you want to transfer STP funds to anyone else, if you want to buy any keys for $6.

    • Hello, still no funding button? It supposed to be on friday? Am I only one who don’t see this button or is there any kind of delay?

  2. Get your SolidTrustPay funds ready now. Allow extra for fees. Fund for $5 to $75 for upgrades, plus whatever keys (1-10) you want to buy, plus processor fees.

    With the new method for using keys you can buy a key and upgrade someone in your downline by yourself without having to send out an email and for them to click on it within 48 hours. Now it’s much easier and faster.

    The only time you now email a key out is if your prospect has not joined QLX yet. When they click on the key email it sets the process for them to become a member and get upgraded.

    The QLX wallet (QLreserve) is expected in back office any time now. But get your STP funds ready now and don’t leave it late. That’s the important thing now.

    • To fund with credit card by STP they deduct 6.5% plus $1.50 in fees from your deposit.

      When moving STP funds into your back office wallet (QLreserve) the fees will be:
      up to $20 = $1
      over $20 = 5%

      Take these into account when planning the amount of funds you want to have in your QLreserve. Don’t calculate it right to the cent, always add on a little more to make sure all your fees are covered.