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This summary was supplied by one of my contacts. It has an excellent summary of the important leaders call last Saturday and also an audio link if you want to listen to the recorded call. I listened to this call and it has some very good information about the program, company, background, and goals. Please read the summary as it has up to date relevant information so we can stay prepared and help our downlines.

Dirson Jimenez Santana


OneX leaders call 25th June 2011

Here is the summary of the June 25 OneX call, which can be heard here (click on link below to listen to the audio): cn1086/audio/19843861281761- 001.mp3

JC spoke about the legal foundation of OneX and QLxchange. This was important info, so have a listen when you have time.

When funding your reserve account, make sure to allow enough in STP to cover fees! Don’t fund to the penny on the $5… the keys are $6 plus 5% fees. But the fees are only on funding the QLxchange Reserve.

Once it is in your QLX Reserve account, no more fees. But in and out of STP, there are fees, so plan ahead for that.

New back office still being tested. Obviously not ready yet…

Menu Items will be:


-Keys history etc

-Auto Upgrade (this is what the benefactors/PIF will use). You will choose a username from your downline (rolldown menu) and you click UPGRADE and that’s it. They are upgraded.

-Account Summary

-Deposit Funds (from STP).

-Transfer Funds (internal transfer to any other member).

-Withdraw Funds (to STP). Make sure to always leave enough in your reserve account for the next tier upgrade!

-Upgrade System (this is NEW): You are only allowed to upgrade to Tier one ($5) using a key or reserve funds. To insure upgrades to other tiers, make sure you keep enough in your reserve account to cover it. LEAVE AUTO UPGRADE ON!! This is default, don’t change it.

Still looking at Tuesday Midnight GMT for First Round. Looking at Friday Midnight GMT for Second Round (phase 2).

There may be some UNDER MAINTENANCE time. They will open for funding as soon as it is ready. It may not even be until Monday. Just make sure STP is funded. Be patient. There will be time.

Will have support ticket system soon. In the meantime, support is

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CAN LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! If you can’t, contact me first. If I can’t help you, then we will contact support.

MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE LINK IN THE VERIFICATION EMAIL. If you don’t, you aren’t in Onex matrix, even if you can log in. If you click on DOWNLINE VIEW ONEX, you will see yourself with a black ball at the top, even if you have no one under you yet. If you don’t see that black ball with your username, you are not yet in matrix and need to have the verification email resent, use the link on the log in page to have it resent. Then click that link in the email!

They also mentioned that you can sign up your children, as long as parents/guardians approve and manage the account, this is not a problem. So everyone in your family can join. Just need separate email address and taxpayer ID for each.

From last update:

Starting SOON, we will see additional menu items in our Qlxchange/OneX back office.

There will be a Reserve Account, which is what we will fund from STP. From this reserve account, we will have our upgrade money and money to upgrade our downline and buy keys.

So here is what will happen: We will fund our reserve accounts. We will reserve our upgrades (put it on automatic and have enough money in reserve to pay for it).

Then we will be able to upgrade our downlines well before the “First Round”, which will happen TUESDAY June 28 at Midnight GMT (7 PM est, 2 am here for me in Europe).

This gives everyone plenty of time to get organized, funded and ready to go. No fires here! Everyone just stay ZEN!

The first round is when they start the upgrading software for the first time. They will be doing all Tier One upgrades first. This will create commissions in our accounts.

Then they will do Tier 2 and you will be upgraded automatically out of those commissions. And so forth.

So you really only need to upgrade the first tier for $5 (and if you REALLY want to make sure, fund enough for the second tier as well, which is $10… which is $15 total.)

There will be some new options other than previously discussed which is going to make it much easier for us that are PIFing people.

There will be a KEY BANK, where you can buy 1-10 keys at a time (and you will now be able to buy more keys whenever you want. You will no longer need to wait for your keys to be used up to buy more.)

***But even better for our benefactors/PIFs, you will also have an option to simply DIRECTLY UPGRADE YOUR DOWNLINE. No key, just a button to UPGRADE them and pay for it out of your reserve account.***

WOW! That will be so much easier for us!! So instead of sending keys, waiting for them to be clicked and verified, you just directly upgrade your downline with one click! Whew!

The KEYS will be used when you haven’t signed someone up yet. You can send them a KEY thru an email, which will sign them up under you and upgrade them at the same time as soon as they click it.

So again, for your existing downline, JUST UPGRADE THEM directly and don’t waste time and effort with the keys.


SolidTrustPay has gotten their Credit card/Debit Card funding available, finally!!

Many people are having a hard time trying to verify their STP account on time, but there is no need to verify your SolidTrustPay account. Just go there and get yourself a fr ee, Personal account and you are all set for OneX and QLxchange:

You need to fund your SolidTrustPay account with Bank Transfer, Bank Wire, Credit Card or through an exchanger (these guys are fast, easy and not too expensive):

Here is what you need to do BEFORE Friday to fund with a credit/debit card or bank transfer:

(1) Log into your account. If you don’t have an account, open one here:
(2) no need to verify your account (you do not need a Trust Card!)!
(3) click on “my bank and cards”
(4) add credit/debit cards
(5) click on ‘add new credit card’ – fill in electronic form
(6) click on ‘credit card authorization form’ – fill in electronic form.
(7) click on ‘my money’ and then ‘deposit money’ – there you will find the Credit Card option & More. You can fund up to $150 with an unverified account.

There is no need to scan papers or bother with anything else. Just a few minutes of easy work. Keep your password and secondary password in a safe place.

Credit/debit card funding takes 24 hours to complete.

They also have online bank transfers which take 2 hours.

Checks & bank SWIFT transfers take 2 -15 days and would be too slow, so use the above methods.

They also have a special option for Australia & NZ members. You have to write to them to get this detail. I think it is depositing over the counter at a local bank.

The OneX/QLxchange Payment processor is scheduled to launch on July 4th, if all goes well.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

IMPORTANT: PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CAN LOG IN OK and that you have a position under ONEX Downline Viewer (you will be at the top even if you have no one below you yet). If not, let me know and I will help you get it fixed.

Apparently there are many people that joined, but never clicked their verification link because they badly entered their email address. If you don’t click that verification link, you have not been placed in the onex matrix yet! Let me know and I will help you get any error fixed!

Kind Regards

Dirson Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

10 thoughts on “OneX Leader's Call Update

  1. I think I heard on a recent webinar that it take 1-24 hours to fund your account with a Debit or Credit card. Has anyone added a Debit or Credit card to their Solid Trust Pay account? I have a concern about the recent DDOS attack on Solid Trust Pay, I’ve been waiting a few days, I wanted to make sure it’s safe for myself and my referrals.

    • The STP site has been good for days now and the STP owner (Stella) spoke on a recent QLX leaders call. Many members have added their card and made deposits. It says it can take up to 24 hours but most have found it done in just a few hours or less.

      Adding a card requires filling in an electronic form at STP and getting a verification email. Some email providers are slow to send out automated emails so if you use a Gmail address at STP the email will arrive very fast.

      If your deposit form is not filled in correctly there will be a error message. If you try again and get a error message a second time STP will not let you try again for 24 hours as a security measure. If you get an error message at STP the first time you try to deposit click on “Live Support” at STP and they will help you through the process.

  2. Once we are able to fund our OneX accounts will we be able to fund and upgrade in all 4 Tiers for $75 this week?

    • Everything is working fine now with SolidTrustPay and DDOS are not a security issue, its just massive traffic to the website which makes it inaccessible.

      I know several members that deposited using their Credit and Debit Card and everything went fine, I added my card myself and it works really fast, I am actually going to send out Keys in exchange for Alertpay to those that needs one.

      • Keys for AP is a good idea. Keys will work like a “instant upgrade” and if a member knows for sure they will be using a key they don’t have to open a STP account.

        Whether a member wants to fund their own STP by credit card, or get a key from someone they have to decide fast and make arrangements NOW. Don’t leave it to the last minute. If you have to contact Live Support at STP for advice or your upline has run out of keys you will be pushing for time to get funded. Start preparing now and ask any downline you have if they need any assistance.

        First pay run is scheduled for 8pm USA EST this Tuesday 28th June.

  3. They are going to be adding an additional Payment Processor here with OneX.

    It will be a Merchant processor that will allow card payments for Visa, Mastercard and Discovery.
    The maximum transaction per day will be $30usd ($3usd fee no matter what amount you put in).

    Also Bankwires are available for a minimum of $1,000usd for those that want to purchase tons of keys
    or transfer funds to their team members.

    Conference call with JC, all of the latest! The same link will also be good to hear the recording afterwards if you can’t make the live call.

    QLxC/OneX Update with JC 6-27-11 Live or Replay HERE

  4. i m unable to access my onex back office today and the website shows the following error message

    You don’t have permission to
    access /strosdegoz/login.html on
    this server.
    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error
    was encountered while trying to
    use an ErrorDocument to handle the

    is this happening to everyone?

    • Yes but it has been fixed now!
      We will have an additional 24 hours because there is a new payment processor with OneX, I will make a new post.


    • There will be times when the site is under maintenance for a short time. They are now adding the new look back office. Just try again later. Everyone will have enough time during the next 24 hours to get funded. See the latest news about a credit card merchant (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery cards) now available along with STP. This will make the program accessable to a lot of people now.