OneX & QLxchange Launch and Commissions Update!

Update 07/11/2012

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Today I was on the OneX Leader’s Call and there were some great news and I want to share them with you!

One thing that I liked the most was how JC explained that there is no need to come in with $75usd or even $40usd into OneX. “This is a $5 program” he said… “I don’t I want to take it back to what it is”. There is no need to upgrade all the levels but instead just get your $5usd in your SolidTrustPay account and get ready for launch.

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Official Launch Date when members are going to be able to Upgrade. Purchase their Keys and Get Paid is Friday 24th June.

QLxchange will be later explained and you will be astonished by what it really is and the Silver & Gold savings program.

The First PayDay / Commissions day will be on Friday (Not guaranteed though).
If the programming goes right and there are no glitches that is when the first payrun will happen… Great News!

There will be two choices to Pay It Forward for others. E-Wallet (QL Reserve Bank) and SolidTrustPay.

Many people are having a hard time trying to verify their STP account on time, let me say this loud and clear. There is No Need To Verify Your SolidTrustPay account. Just go there and get yourself a Free, Personal account and you are all set for OneX and QLxchange.

You will be able to fund your SolidTrustPay account with Bank Transfer, Bank Wire, Credit Card & Debit Card (Available Right Now) and through exchange with if you want to use other e-currencies to fund STP like Alertpay, PerfectMoney, Liberty Reserve, etc.

Update : Important Information about SolidTrustPaid Credit and Debit Card Funding.

It is official, you can join SolidTrustPay for free without verifying and add your Credit And / Or Debit Card and make a deposit. Just do that and put $7usd in and get ready for OneX to launch on Friday 24th, June!!!

Note : I got my exchange from in just 2 days, it was a test exchange so now I have $7usd in STP, that was a lot faster than expected.
But with Credit Card funding I guess that exchanges are less likely to happen.


OneX & QLxchange Payment processor is scheduled to launch on July 4th (might happen later).

Join OneX Now

There is no way to be jumped in the system or be left behind, if you have a team pre-built. For example if you have 10 members and you have $5usd in your Reserve Bank, then once the program launches you will be automatically upgraded to level 1, once they start to charge for level 2, you will automatically be upgraded since you already have enough commissions and this will happen for all the levels.

So make sure to get your $5usd, only $5usd through SolidTrustPay or try to get a Key or as many as you can to help your downline. That is all you have to ever pay for. Five Dollars.

Upgrades will be done automatically at the beginning but after the first upgrade phase, members will be allowed to upgrade manually.


Joining and funding SolidTrustPay is easy, you can find it instantly with your Credit / Debit Card.
Here are some steps:


(1) create an account for free‘SolidTrustPay Personal Account’
(2) no need to verify
(3) click on “my bank and cards”
(4) add credit/debit cards
(5) click on ‘add new credit card’ – fill in electronic form
(6) click on ‘credit card authorization form’ – fill in electronic form.
(7) click on ‘my money’ and then ‘deposit money’ – there you will find the Credit Card option & More

There is no need to scan papers, nor micro deposits, nothing like that, all electronic and instant.
Just a few minutes of easy work. Keep your password and secondary password in a safe place.

Credit/debit card funding takes 24 hours to complete.

They also have online bank transfers which take 2 hours.

Checks & bank SWIFT transfers take 2 -15 days and would be too slow.

They also have a special option for Australia & NZ members.
You have to write to them to get this detail. I think it is depositing over the counter at a local bank (very easy again).


If you have any questions feel free to contact or leave a comment below :

Dirson Jimenez Santana

46 thoughts on “OneX & QLxchange Launch and Commissions Update!

  1. This is very good news. $5 of STP for everyone. Everyone should keep promoting their website and beef up their matrix before Friday. Try and sponsor at least 2 serious people who are willing to pay $5 and not hang around waiting to be “gifted” or “team builded”. There is not enough time for that now. Thousands are joining QLX every day.

    In the next day or two there should be lots of info and guides on how to get funded with STP. Don’t leave the STP funding till the last minute. Funding e-currencies is not always as easy as bank deposits so members need to take steps now days in advance to ensure they have their funds ready. First step is to open a personal account (no need to be a verified account).

  2. I think if OneX are using Only Solidtrustpay as the payment process. All the international people who don’t live in Canada, the United States, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Australia, New Zealand & Brazil. They can’t
    use Direct Bank ACH/EFT/Direct Debit Transfers and funds money via credit
    card unless they need to verify their status first.

    “Other countries – then send a bank statement with a request for INTL Bank Verified status. Otherwise they can’t use their credit/debit cards for payment.

    NOTE: you must be a VERIFIED Member FIRST before becoming BANK VERIFIED

    VERIFIED – Upgraded Status allowing unlimited transactions. NOTE โ€“ maximum per transaction size may not be greater than $9999 USD. Verified Members may use their credit/debit cards and withdraw to the STPay VISA card.

    We require the following – government issued, non-expired, UNALTERED photo identification (passport, drivers license, country ID card) and recent phone bill matching the phone number and address as registered in your profile.

    HELPFUL HINT – if a phone bill is not available, provide TWO documents showing your name and address. Screenshots of online accounts are acceptable as long as your name and address are listed.

    BANK VERIFIED – Elite Account Status allowing members to use their bank accounts, credit/debit cards, bank wires and all advanced options. Print and sign the Bank Authorization Form (found in your MY BANKS & CARDS area).

    *for more information on Bank Verification visit ADD BANK ACCOUNTS

    HELPFUL HINT – submit documents for all levels at the same time as Bank Verification does require regular Verification first.

    HELPFUL HINT – to use your VISA or MasterCard, include either a recent statement showing your name and the card #, or a scan of the front of your card. You are required to complete the Credit Card Authorization Form (found in your MY BANKS & CARDS area).”

    Is there any way that OneX will use Alertpay for the payment process since we have a lot people worldwide having a hardtime to verify their status. If they don’t we will lose a lot of people joining OneX. Just my concern.


    • For OneX it was said on the call by the Founder and Owner that members do not need to be verified.
      I live in Dominican Republic which is not in the list of countries you posted above and I still use my SolidTrustPay account without being verified for many years.

      I would love to see Alertpay but did you know that STP is more international friendly than AP?
      Anyways you can always use to exchange from Alertpay to SolidTrustPay and Yes your STP account does not have to be verified at all.

      • I heard some comment that STP will make it easier for everyone at OneX to use credit card. I’ll have to find out more what this is about.

        I looked at the FAQ for and they say swapping AlertPay takes 7 days which is too slow. We’ll have to check out more exchangers and speak to them by phone or live online support and ask some questions on how long it will take them to fund and do they have enough STP on call to accept many new orders.

        Everyone is just getting onto the funding now and I’m sure a lot more valuable advice and info will flow soon.

  3. Well, one thing is for sure, once QLX has their own payment processor then they cannot be held hostage by these 3rd party payment processors.

    The payment processor and the mandatory entry at the $5 level is a very smart move.

    This is looking very good to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. is it possible to fund our wallets to onex using my credit card or paypal

    • Yes you can do that through SolidTrustPay.
      Go there and get a free personal account.
      Then click on “Deposit Money”
      And choose Credit Card and thats it.

    • In some countries you can fund STP by a over the counter deposit at some local banks they have arrangements with. STP have a few methods of funding. For most people a credit card payment would be easiest.

  5. I’ve tried logging onto my account at STP to deposit money for several hours last night & now this morning & have been unable to. I keep getting the message that it is taking too long to respond. It worked fine on previous days but right now I can’t actually fund my account.

    Is anyone else having problems?

    • Yes, the problem is that STP is getting too much traffic right now.
      They are working on getting this solved, ASAP.

      • That’s right, huge traffic indeed. Admin told STP to expect a lot of new applicants and funding requests, but the huge response is much more than anticipated and the STP website is not coming up for most people worldwide. This will be worked on. Keep promoting OneX while this is sorted out.

  6. “Yes you can do that through SolidTrustPay.
    Go there and get a free personal account.
    Then click on โ€œDeposit Moneyโ€
    And choose Credit Card and thats it.”

    I don’t see the option for funds my account with credit card.
    I see another options below. I did every step following your last email.

    1. Bank Wire SWIFT transfer – all member levels
    (cost: USD 15.00) Processing time: 2 – 4 business days depending
    on country

    2. Cheque/Money Order/Bank Draft – all member levels
    (cost: USD 5.00) Allow 3 – 15 business days for your mail to arrive and be processed.

    3. Wallie Cash Card / Voucher – all member levels
    (cost: 18%) Processing time: 2 – 24 hours

    The fee to deposit money to the account is high and not instant if we
    compare to Alertpay. Alertpay can pull money out from the credit card
    instant for making a payment. Although the cost for joining OneX is cheap
    but the fee from STP is high. It is better to use Alertpay. That is my thought.

    • Ok, but Alertpay is not an option here.
      It looks like it depends on where you are located, you can always use to exchange Alertpay for SolidTrustPay, that should solve your problem since you have Alertpay with a Card in it.

  7. I did everything I supposed to do but I have one question. Now that I registered to ONeX and to STP, when and how do I move the $5 from STP to OneX? In other words how does the ONEX website and STP communicate with each other when it comes to upgrades and moving money? Thank you in advance.

    • There will be a way to fund your OneX e-wallet, so in your backoffice you will more likely see an option that says, “Deposit Funds” or “Fund your ewallet” and that will take you to STP to complete the transaction.
      Another possible scenario will be the option to Pay or Upgrade your membership, which will then send you to STP to complete the transaction.

      That will be the easiest thing you will need to do, a lot easier than signing up into STP and getting it funded, so no need to worry.
      Have a great day.


  8. I have to say I am feeling rather frustrated – I am still trying to deposit some money into my STP account. After finally coming back online I have tried unsuccessfully 3 times now over the past 2-3 days to deposit using my credit card & had it declined due to a glitch in their software which they are trying to look into. There is nothing wrong with my card & all the required forms have been submitted.

    So far I have submitted 3 support tickets & although they get back promptly because I am overseas I have to wait 24 hours to get a reply & then try the next suggestion. So far to no avail.

    My only other option now is to go to my bank tomorrow & deposit over the counter, return home & email the details to STF as well as scan & send them the receipt. Not the most convenient option! Since this option also takes 48 hours for the money to arrive into my STF account at this rate I’ll be lucky to have the funds in time for Friday’s deadline. It would have helped if a bit more time had been allowed for overseas people to get their funds organised since the STF site was “down” for a few days.

  9. Hello my friends,
    I’m from Germany and here most of the Germans are used to ALERTPAY and hate STP…it’s to complicated!
    I’ve tried several times to funf my STP account with NO success…all of my Downline..have 85 partners…have money on Alertpay…if OneX does not change the rules, beeing able to pay with Alertpay, most of my partners will BREAK AWAY

    I’ve tried to use XCHANGER and the transaction for getting verified there did NOT work

    • I went to xchanger and got my account verified in one hour and sent money from Alertpay to SolidTrustPay in 2 days. Solved!
      Maybe we can arrange something and I can help you do the exchange, the only problem is the timeframe because OneX is supposed to launch on the 24th.

      • 2 days to swap at That’s fast. I thought it may have taken longer.

        Everyone should ask sponsor or upline for advice on funding, and check the blogs and webinars. For most the credit card funding inside STP will be the fastest.

        First pay run is anticipated for Friday. If there is some delays or many requests for extensions it may be pushed back a few days. We’ll know more soon, but keep seeking a way to fund your STP as soon as possible. There are people and resources to help.

        STP Support have a live online text chat and phone line:

        • It was only $7usd, but it was surely enough to secure my position.
          Now I am trying to fund STP funds everywhere for my downline, everyone is contacting me NOW at the last minute to get their account funded.

          Even though I sent emails and reminder it looks like they all want to do it now instead of 8 days ago when we were told ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. stp site is not yet ready to welcome the huge hitting from onex customers and they are also receiving DDOS attacks.
    although they have simplified the funding process from CC but still its a brainer for most of the people.
    it could have been better if onex people have allowed to fund ewallet with multiple options and kept the stp as processor for withdrawal of comisions.
    keys is a smart option but will be a lot of task for leaders.

  11. Live chat at STP are very busy now dealing with a lot of customers. The instructions at STP are easy to follow but if you have any problems with the forms contact the live chat. Confirmation emails from some mail providers take a long time or not arrive at all. Use a Gmail address and it usually arrives instantly.

  12. can someone join onex without my user name
    if you go to and click join, without a sponsor

  13. I would just like to make any other international people aware that the only option provided by STP to withdraw your money is via a bankwire at a cost of $40.00 plus 2.5% exchange rate !!!!.

    I couldn’t find out this information until after I had deposited my money, because if you click on the withdraw funds link it tells you that you have no funds to withdraw & won’t display the fees. (If they are displayed elsewhere on the website I obviously didn’t find them easily)

    I feel this information should be available & transparent to everyone BEFORE they join STP & hence OneX so they can make an informed decision & take it into consideration.

    I am disappointed in this, as in all good conscience I would need to inform any other people who I share this with of these fees before they join.

    • Thats why we use the exchanger, you can find the link in the post above.
      With the exchanger you can withdraw using, Alertpay, PerfectMoney, LIberty Reserver and others.

      • Thanks, Dirson. I can see that will work for some people but that is still not a SIMPLE solution. I’m just trying to point out that there will be many people from overseas who will be the average Joe, not doing network marketing for a living.

        For many of them they have never used a payment processor before & it may be their very first time opting to join for a program like OneX, so to tell them they need an STP account to withdraw funds, then open an account with exchanger to transfer funds from STP (pay a fee), then open another account with Alert Pay & transfer funds(pay a fee) all just to transfer their money into their home bank account or pay a $40.00 plus fee to do it direct from STP is not conducive to getting people to join. Not everyone is computer savvy & I just see this as a big drawback to recruiting.

        One would think that since so many 1000’s of people from overseas will be opening new accounts with STP & helping to grow STP’s business that a more attractive withdrawal rate could be negotiated so that it is a win-win situation for all. Maybe the founders of QLXchange could work on that ????

    • When I spoke to live chat at STP they mentioned a $10 bank transfer but he wasn’t sure what countries that applied to and would have to double check. They were flat out busy on many chats that night.

      An easy way to move smaller amounts of STP is to use an exchanger and move it to AlertPay. They usually charge just a small percentage.

      Tonight there is a special conference call with OneX admin and the owner of STP to talk about all the STP functions and options.

      OneX members can leave funds in their QLxchange Bank in their back office and move whatever they want to STP or other members, or buy keys to bring in more downline. Soon it is expected that QLX will have their own exchange service and this will be another payout option besides STP.

      Don’t let these ongoing improvements to the program stop you from funding your account with $5 of STP as you’ll need to upgrade to be eligible for commissions in the first pay run.

      • Well I hope some other pay out option will be available as ” How do I get my money out?” is one of the first questions I get asked.

        I’ll listen to the recorded webinar later.

        Currently these are the options from within STP under withdrawals.

        1.Wire Transfer
        (cost: 40.00)

        IMPORTANT: this is a TrustCard Protected Transaction. You are NOT required to acquire a TrustCard but are encouraged to do so. Withdrawals for TrustCard members are completed in 2 – 3 business days. Non TrustCard protected requests will take 5 business days.

        2.Business Cheque CAD members (cost: 4.5)or Certified Cashiers Cheque US members (cost: 8.00)

        Canadian Members – for EFT direct bank transfers, we can only accept Canadian dollar bank accounts, not US dollar accounts in Canada.

        WIRE TRANSFERS may be requested in USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR or GBP at the time of request. For non USD funds, a 2.5% exchange rate will apply.

        • There are a few exchangers that will easily do STP to AP for a small percentage fee.

          QLX is working on more payout options and said they are close.

          Don’t focus too much on the payout options as they will be worked out for us. ID#’s have hit around 60,000 and this is already flying. Good time to sponsor more people.

  14. I would like to add a correction to my last post – STP do have their fees available on their home page for viewing. It is in the bottom footer, but unfortunately although I looked several times I missed this because my screen had chopped it off.

    However, the $40 bank wire withdrawal fee is significantly higher than other processors & is the only option available to overseas people at this time. So for anyone who was thinking of maybe being able to make regular smaller withdrawals of their commissions eg $100.00 obviously this will not be a viable option.

  15. Latest update from the OneX Blog!!!

    QUOTE Round 1 begins

    Tuesday June 28th

    7pm EST

    More details coming soon.
    As soon as Friday June 24th you can start funding your QLreserve account!

    Watch your back office for NEW tabs on the left side menu.

  16. vanzari schimburi says:

    I agree with you and will be definately looking forward to your future updates. Thank you and keep the great work up. Good luck!

  17. They are going to be adding an additional Payment Processor here with OneX.

    It will be a Merchant processor that will allow card payments for Visa, Mastercard and Discovery.
    The maximum transaction per day will be $30usd ($3usd fee no matter what amount you put in).

    Also Bankwires are available for a minimum of $1,000usd for those that want to purchase tons of keys
    or transfer funds to their team members.

    Conference call with JC, all of the latest! The same link will also be good to hear the recording afterwards if you can’t make the live call.

    QLxC/OneX Update with JC 6-27-11 Live or Replay HERE

  18. jongsoo-kweon says:

    ๊ฐ€์ž…ํ•œ์ง€ ์–ผ๋งˆ ์•ˆ๋ฌ์Šต๋‹ˆ๋‹ค.๋‚ดํ†ต์žฅ์œผ๋กœ ๋ฐ›์œผ๋ ค๋ฉด ์–ด๋–ป๊ฒŒ ํ•ด์•ผํ•˜๋‚˜์š”???
    ์–ผ๋งˆ์„œ๋ถ€ํ„ฐ ๋ฐ›์„์ˆ˜์žˆ๋‚˜์š”.

  19. I need to fill in online application on line. please assist.

  20. I have also joined for free and now i want to pay $5.00 to my sponsor and fill the online application

  21. Jezza Morados says:

    Hi good morning! I’m from Philippines and i already a member but i have some questions about withdrawal.From my onex account to solid trust pay to my debit card what is the minimum withdrawal?is it okay if only 20$ just to try if there is no problem in withdrawal? how much is the charge? is it true that almost 2.5 % charge?

    • There are no fees to withdraw from OneX to Solid Trust Pay, once your funds hit your STP account then fees will apply, to know the fees you need to check the Solid Trust Pay official website.