OneXPRO Explained

OneXPRO Explained

OneXPRO Introduction

As you might know already OneX & QLxchange is launching a new program called OneXPRO which is going to be huge. As usual when a new program or addition to an old program launches most of the members tend to get confused because the company or sponsors normally do a poor job explaining the compensation plan or people simply don’t get it at the beginning.

I will break everything into small step and make it really easy to understand.

OneXPRO Product & Compensation plan, broken-down in such a way that everyone can understand.

QLxchange will also launch in less than 2 months (they say by end of this month but I don’t’ believe them) and the compensation plan and program is really simple. A 3×9 Forced Matrix with a residual income and the product will be Gold & Silver that you will purchase and own.

You can access all the programs from one backoffice, promote all the programs from one link and join them all from one link or different links.

OneX – OneXPRO – QLxchange – LEAP

Step by Step Instructions to Join : Just in case I wrote step by step instructions on how to join and upgrade OneXpro. You can find them on the post below.
OneXpro Step by Step joining instructions.


OneXPRO┬á – Product & Compensation Plan

OneXPRO – Product

Just like onex, the product will be a set of ebooks with educational and training material on Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Advertising Online & Much more.

The official product isn’t showing in the backoffice yet but it will be available to all the paid members as soon as the program goes live in the next few days.

OneXPRO – Compensation Plan

The OneXPRO Compensation Plan is almost the same as OneX but 10 times stronger. It will cost you 10 times more but you will also earn 10 times more, you can earn 100s of times more thanks to the new and improved matching bonus system that is implemented into this payplan.

Buy-In (Upgrade)
You can upgrade your OneXPRO account with the following payment processors.

  • Major Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard)
  • Solid Trust Pay (Credit Cards also accepted)
  • Directpay Express (OneX Payment Processor) – coming soon

Cost To Upgrade
There are three different upgrade choices and two prices.

  • $50 usd for old members already in LEAP
  • $99 usd with LEAP
  • $99 usd without LEAP

*Note : LEAP is a marketing system that costs almost $500usd, if you choose LEAP you will have a negative balance of $450~ in your backoffice which you have to pay in 90 days, they will take 50% of your commissions until the full amount is paid for, if you do not paid it they remove your marketing system and also keep all the money they already collected. I suggest that you skip LEAP as I personally consider it a rip-off.

So if you are already a member and purchased LEAP, you will only have to pay $50usd. If you are a new member then you have to pay $99usd and choose between LEAP or without LEAP, always go without LEAP unless you are a big marketer and can refer hundreds of people.

Compensation Plan Bonuses
There are two different bonuses (Fast Start bonus & Matching bonus)

  • $40 Fast Start Bonus on Personal Referrals
  • 50% Matching Bonus Down Two Generations (Your refs and their refs)

Compensation Plan Payment Structure
The structure is a 4×4 Forced Matrix with 2 Phases (Stages)

The illustrations on the official onexpro power-point are simply ugly and hard to understand, they also include the matching bonuses but they don’t include the total income. I made my own illustrations of how a 4×4 matrix payout will look with the new OneXPRO. These graphics do not include the matching bonus, I might make one with the matching bonus details.

Stage 1 – 4×4 Matrix
Level 1 – 4 Members – $45 x Member – Total : $180
Level 2 – 16 Members – $45 x Member – Total : $720
Level 3 – 64 Members – $90 x Member – Total : $5760
Level 4 – 256 Members – $180 x Member – Total : $46080

Total Stage1 Matrix Income : $52,740


Stage 2 – 4×4 Matrix
Level 1 – 4 Members – $320 x Member – Total : $1440
Level 2 – 16 Members – $740 x Member – Total : $2880
Level 3 – 64 Members – $1,440 x Member – Total : $92160
Level 4 – 256 Members – $2,880 x Member – Total : $737280

Total Stage1 Matrix Income : $833,760


I was supposed to put this out yesterday but my friends came and pick me up and I was busy until now.

I will triple check everything to see if anything is wrong or something is missing but these are the basics and the compensation plan explained in a way that everyone can understand.

If you have any questions, make sure to use the comment section below ­čÖé

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

One thought on “OneXPRO Explained

  1. Good explanation ansd graphics. Not long to go now (2-3 days) before the first commission run in OneXpro. OneX members should get in contact with their OneX downline A.S.A.P. as all members don’t keep up with the latest OneX news.

    OneXpro is a new program alongside the original ($5) OneX, but it brings over your existing OneX downline and that’s a huge head start to have a downline in place for a new program launch. That’s why it’s important to get in contact with your OneX downline and keep them up to date. Also, try and sponsor more new people into OneX (and from there they can choose to participate in OneXpro).

    OneXpro costs more than OneX but it pays 10 times as much, plus now there are much better matching bonuses. This is a great opportunity from an established group.