OneXPRO Prelaunch Extended!

OneXPRO Pre-launch Extended
April 17th

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As I explained in my email update few days ago for OneXPRO (subscribe to the left to receive email updaets), the prelaunch has been extended for several days. Now in today’s update we have a specific date as to when OneXPRO will fully launch.

This is just going to be a quick update quoting the email that I received from my Upliner.

This program is worth every penny just for the fact that it has been around for almost 1 full year, has over 1,000,000 members and it hasn’t stalled, it is growing and paying all the time.

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OneXPRO Prelaunch Update

Here is the update I just received.

OneXpro – extended until Tuesday morning

The OneXpro launch has been extended until Tuesday morning 17 April (New York time).

If you have funds in your OneX balance you can do an internal transfer and bring that over to your OneXpro balance and purchase OneXpro for a one time $99 (or $50 if you are a LEAP member).

The OneXpro pay plan pays 10 times more than the regular OneX plan, plus now we have a much more powerful matching bonuses plan.

There is a recorded webinar that explains the whole OneXpro program and funding steps:

 You may pause and play the webinar, and take down notes. They have very good slides and charts that explain everything clearly.

Pass onto your downline: it is very important to pass on any OneX updates to your downline as OneX/QLxchange don’t have a mass email system to members. Updates can be found in the members area but many members do not log in  regularly to keep up with the latest program news.

Tuesday morning is the cut off time for the first OneXpro pay run. We keep our current OneX matrix in OneXpro and that’s why it’s important to be a member of OneXpro before the pay run so that you don’t miss any commission from downline who have upgraded into OneXpro. This is a one time pay program and can be built into an ongoing income. Tuesday is just the start.

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One thought on “OneXPRO Prelaunch Extended!

  1. In the back office there is an announcement confirming the OneXpro official launch time as 10:30pm USA EDT time, Tuesday 17th.

    OneX members who are funded should ensure they have clicked on >>OneXpro >>Purchase OneXpro.

    Inform your downline members about this confirmed deadline for the OneXpro launch and first pay run.

    This is a new training video for the greatly enhanced OneXpro matching bonus plan (on top of the regular OneXpro commission plan that pays 10 times more than the regular OneX):