OneXPro & QLxchange In Prelaunch

OneXPro & QLxchange In Prelaunch

New OneX (OneXPRO & QLxchange)

OneX is having some major improvements and additional income streams. In this post you will find everything you need to know about the new OneX program called OneXPRO.

OneX launched about 10 months ago and has over 1,000,000 members worldwide, take the time to read the following information and don’t miss out.

QLxchange will also be ready this same month and that will bring the residual income into OneX. The cost is only $11usd per month and the compensation plan a 3×9 Matrix. You can read more details below.

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PreJoin / Upgrade OneXPRO NOW

You can lock your spot in OneXPRO now before the masses (Only 5 days) and earn 10x what OneX pays out. All you have to do is fund your account with $50usd or $99 (not in leap) + fees and  you are all set.

Here are the step by step info on how to fund using STP but the actual purchase process will be added here soon :

Click on “My Finances” and select “Accounts“. On the left select “OneX”. At the top of the page select “Deposit Funds”. You will see Solid TrustPay there. You must deposit $50+feess or $99 (not in leap)+fees into your OneX account. Then you can do an “Account Transfer” to your OneXPRO account and pre-register.

UPDATE : I already paid for my OneXPRO membership, and we only have 5 days to do so in pre-launch.

After funding your account by following the steps above, follow this new set of steps.

1 – Login to your backoffice
2 – Click on “OneXPRO” tab on top menu
3 – Clikc on “Purchase OneXPRO” on the left menu
3 – Fill up your username and password
4 – From the drop down menu choose $50 and funding option, chose OneXPRO account.
5 – Click on “Pay” at the bottom.

You are all set.

Full Details

Here you can read all the details, updates, powerpoint presentations, conference call and more. This is a letter that I received from my upliner.

OneX / QLxchange release new program:




10 times more powerful than OneX!


5 day prepay period has now started

OneX ($5) launched 9 months ago and has been very successful with well over 1 million members worldwide. In those 9 months hundreds of new programs have started and soon collapsed but OneX/QLX continues to grow strong, pay commission when it is earned, and bring out new features and benefits.

The QLxchange group also recently launched their own payment processor: DPX which will have a very low fee structure.

In the next few weeks it is expected that the 3×9 QLX program will launch along with the gold and silver purchasing facility.

But before QLX (3×9) they have now launched a new opportunity to the structure: OneXpro. This program will offer a series of high quality business educational courses.

OneXpro will have the same pay plan structure as OneX, and all existing OneX members will stay in their current downlines. It is a new program but will carry forward the downlines already built  in OneX and it is optional to join the new OneXpro.

Whereas OneX has a basic entry cost of $5 the new OneXpro will cost a once off $99. The effect is that is OneXpro can pay 10 times more than the regular OneX program as the entry cost and progressive levels cost more.

There are also some new changes to the matching bonuses at OneX / OneXpro. Originally you earned a 100% matching bonus on your personally sponsored OneX members (except on the first level of 4 in the matrix). The new rule is now a 50% matching bonus on your personally sponsored members and a 50% matching bonus on the personally sponsored of your personally sponsored i.e. 2 generations (not matrix levels) deep. This new rule may not seem like much but it uses a lot of leverage and those who help their downlines will be greatly rewarded. Look at this example:

You sponsor 5 members and they earn $100 each, and those 5 have sponsored 5 (a total of 25) who also earned $100.

Old matching bonus rule:

5 members x $100 x 100% = $500

New matching bonus rule:

5 members x $100 x 50%    =     $250

+ 25 members x $100 x 50% =  $1250

Total of $1500

In that example for the same downline and earnings the matching bonuses worked out 3 times greater. It can be much, much higher depending on the size of the personally sponsored members and how much they earned. There is now greater incentive to sponsor more members and to also help them to sponsor.

There are 3 options for joining OneXpro:

(1) $99 without LEAP

(2) $99 with LEAP

(3) $50 for those already in LEAP

Whatever you do never join LEAP.

There is a $40 fast start bonus paid to the sponsor.

OneXpro has just opened for a 5 day prepay period and then it will close for a few hours to have the first pay run. This is where members can earn large money because if you join OneXpro after the launch you may find that many of your downline joined before the first pay run and bypassed you for commissions.

When you log into your QLX members area you will see a new tab at the top for OneXpro. This is where you can choose to prepay during the 5 day period. QLX has now stopped the practice of selling ‘keys’ that you can giveaway to other members.

You can keep up to date with the latest news by logging into your members area and regularly visiting this blog:

OneX Jane Information Blog

The blog has information and presentations in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Listen to the recent conference call about OneXpro:

This is a copy of the new OneXpro presentation. Click on the link below to view the presentation in your browser. You may also choose to save a copy in PDF format:

Important: need to contact your personally sponsored members

For a long time QLX has had difficulty in direct emailing of all members and they had to stop this. Some members keep up to date by logging in or visiting the blog but many do not keep up to date and that’s why its important that all members pass on email updates to their personally sponsored and other members in their downline, especially now with the 5 day prepay period for OneXpro and soon for the QLX (3×9) launch.

Where to locate the email addresses of your personally sponsored members? Log into your members area. Click on the ‘OneX’ tab at the top of the page and then click on ‘Sponsored Members’. This will show your sponsored members and the email addresses you can use to pass on updates. If you have a very large list at the bottom of the page you can set it to show up to 300 members per page. At the top of the page there is a link for ‘Export as CSV’. This will extract your sponsored list and their email addresses into a Excel spreadsheet that you can save.

Many members already have good downlines built in the 4×4 OneX structure and this same structure and downline will be used for OneXpro i.e. a ready built downline. But also try and continue sponsoring to build up bigger downlines and spillover. The procedure would be to sponsor a new member into the regular ($5) OneX program and from there they can choose to prepay for OneXpro if they want to.

Let me know if you have any questions. Please contact your downline with this information A.S.A.P. as the 5 day prepay period for OneXpro has already started.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

8 thoughts on “OneXPro & QLxchange In Prelaunch

  1. OneXpro! Excellent new addition to the QLxchange group. This will appeal as the product and price are good, and the pay plan associated is much more powerful.

    This can also attract a lot of new members (sign them up at your regular OneX website first, and from inside the members area they can choose to participate in OneXpro).

    Just 5 days prepay until the first pay run so all current members need to ACT FAST to fund and also get the word out to all their downline about this new opportunity.

  2. NASEEM S LUHAR says:

    This is good that company is doing lots of steps to improve the plan. But Ultimately onex program has been very famous in developing country like india.
    People are not so much capable to pay $99 at a moment. Ya But they can pay $5 for onex.
    So company should never change its oroginal program- ONEX. ($5)

    • The original plan is still there.

    • The $5 plan is still there. It’s the basic entry point for all the programs inside QLxchange. A new member joins the $5 plan, and then from inside the members area they can choose to join the new $99 plan. The 2 plans follow the same downline but are separate programs.

      The goal is to keep promoting your $5 OneX website and keeping in touch with your downline with the latest information.


    franchement onexpro est un reseau pour ceux qui ont de l’argent. pour s’inscrire a onexpro il te faut avoir de l’argent dans onex. j’ai remarque que l’arrivee de onexpro a changé plusieurs choses dans le back office. pour ceux qui avaient acheter les clef pour parrainer les nouvelles personnes dans onex ne pourrons plus car les clefs ont disparu dans nos back office . c’est de l’argent perdu . je demande a la structure de nous ramener les clef ou de les transforme au montant correspondant aux clef et cerdité notre compte onex.
    en plus je ne vois plus l’option qui consiste a parrainer un nouveaux membre onex.

    • Keys are no longer used. Any keys left over in accounts will be converted to “tokens” and these can be used for different member placements. There are some explanations on how the new tokens work in the news bulletins in the members area.

  4. Sunil Aashani says:


    good evening!
    how are you?
    where are you from,please?
    i am sunil aashani from ahmedabad,india.
    i am interested in online earning!
    i have 15,000+ team in onex…

    i would like to associate with you…
    please mail me,thanks!

    • You have 15,000+ team in OneX? You must act fast to inform your OneX team about the new OneXpro. You can make huge commissions and matching bonuses. Only 2-3 days left for the prepay period before the first commission run.