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OnFireMatrix Team Update

Alertpay Funding & Solutions
Team Advertising & Co-op – Long Term Mindset


I have a few ways to go around the Alertpay funding issue and soon their Credit Card feature will be back up, as soon as that happens we won’t have to go through any extensive process just to get a member to sign up. The Advertising Co-op, a tip about the mindset of members and our teambuild progress, plus a nice bonus…

Alertpay Funding & Solutions

Right now over 60% of the members are having problems funding their Alertpay Accounts or just don’t have enough funds. I’ve been working all day long in assisting members get into the program, here are a few solutions to this issue while we wait for the Credit Card feature to be back up.

1 – Exchange Alertpay balance with another member for your preferred e-currency. Right now I am doing Paypal, STP, Liberty Reserve, etc for exchange Alertpay to help those in need.
2 – Go to www.insidepay.com and purchase some Alertpay, people can fund their accounts as fast as 24 hours, this company is not quite known but many members are using it successfully.
It looks like insidepay is stealing money from everyone, is not definite but everyone is waiting for their transactions to be processed, find another exchanger in the meantime or Contact Me.

3 – This is the one that work bests. If you have 2 Direct Referrals on your OnFireMatrix downline then you can do eWallet transfer, fist thing is that to upgrade from your backoffice the cost is only $60usd because there are no fees. Members with $60usd+ in the OnFireMatrix eWallet can exchange those for Paypal, SolidTrustPay, Liberty Reserve, etc. I have enough for few accounts and helping members as I type.

If you have funds in your OnFireMatrix Ewallet and you want to withdraw it contact me, I will exchange those funds for Paypal, so you will get an early withdrawal 😉

When the Credit Card feature in Alertpay is back up all we have to do is send money to someone and then that person sends the money back, thats it you will have available Balance in your Alertpay account after that.

Team Advertising & Co-op

Our Team Advertising starts today. I am giving our members time to join before starting our full advertising, the reason why many haven’t upgrade yet is still the same Alertpay funding issue so starting today our Team Advertising will start in full scale.

I already set up about a dozen advertising campaigns but that is only the beginning, many members are helping the team by sending funds for the advertising co-op and I suggest you do the same, I have many ideas on places where to advertise and the results are starting to show already.

If you haven’t request your Lead Capture Page by going HERE.
If you haven’t help the coop, you can send any amount starting from $5usd, go HERE.

Team efforts is what will make our team huge and bigger than what it already is.


Team Members Mindset

I would like to give you a few suggestions about the Mindset you should have when approaching any program or income opportunity, by following these suggestions you won’t get disappointed easily and you will reach bigger and better success in the long term.

First thing is that YOU CAN’T contact me after 7 hours of joining and tell me that your matrix is not full for the simple fact that it doesn’t work that way, we work together as a team to place members under everyone and grow as fast as possible but as fast as possible doesn’t mean that you will get rich in 24 hours. It will take time but only if you stay with us you will be able to see success and profit. It will take days, weeks, months and even years to progress through the compensation plan, now the only way to make it work is by working on it.

So your Mindset should start by thinking of your first member or breakeven point, as soon as you breakeven the rest is profit, start from there…

Second is the timeframe, the website has been live and working for about 30 hours, your expectations should be big results for the long haul, as time passes you will see your matrix growing and members falling under you, you need to help as much as you can, either by sending money for ads in the advertising coop or by requesting and promoting your capture page, if you do this and everyone does we will have a huge team in no time.

Thanks to this unique system we would all make a lot of money if everyone just promote one bit.


Teambuild Progress, Results & Goals

In the past 30 hours we have successfully upgraded about 70 members and this is a great deal, people would think right way  “Oh is too late” but guess what? It isn’t. First of all it is extremely early, just a day after joining the program, second is the unique compensation plan and the Company Wide Spillover system.

If we have 70 new members that means a lot of movement in our matrix, as soon as any member in the entire program receives just 1 referral that will cause a re-entry, just 1 ref that being spillover, spillunder or personally sponsor it will create a re-entry as soon as that person receives their fourth referral, then another re-entry, so you can see why getting more members will only create more movement.

We  have many members waiting for funds to reach their Alertpay account to join our team, we will soon have many hundreds of members when the advertising kicks off.

After the 50th Member in our teambuild we have a Team Disclaimer, please make sure to share it with your Direct Referrals when you send the your link. Right now everyone joining has to agree to this claimer.

OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild Disclaimer

We do not guarantee two paid referrals. By joining this team build you understand and agree that, we as a team are doing everything possible to give everyone two direct referrals and place you on the Team Build list to get your two but there is no way to predict for how long we will be able to give away two to everyone, we provide tools and guides for everyone to be able to achieve success in this team.

The earlier you join the team the faster you will get your two. We work very, very hard to get everyone two and will keep on doing this for as long as this program is alive (hopefully for a very long time). You can contact me for step-by-step proven guidelines and strategies to get paid referrals.

Two paid referrals is no real challenge and everyone can get that with just a little bit of effort. It Is Never Too Late, Join Us Now!!!

How I got 2 paid referrals in 2 hours.

Taking action gives out results, this works for me in many programs and its no different here. I will show simply how easily I got 2 paid referrals really fast by spending around $30 in ads and those ads are still running.

First I went to EasyHits4U Traffic Exchanger (Full Traffic Exchanger Strategy HERE) and bought some hits to my website. When setting up my capture page I used a tracking code to know where the members are coming from, example dontohingmoney.com/onfirematrix/?easyhits

After 40 minutes of getting traffic I had several leads and one requested the sign up link and became part of our team. This won’t happen this way all the time but the only way to see the results is by taking action.

Another great experience was a $15usd banner ad that I placed on AdHitz.com, I set up a banner ad for BannersBrokers and as usual use my tracking code to know where the leads are coming from, what I know next is that a member joined and purchased a $420 package, imagine how much is my $15 worth now.

Right now we have dozens of ads in adhitz, apsense, forums and traffic exchangers and as soon as the members start to send funds for the advertising coop a lot more will be purchased.
Advertising is a numbers game, the more your website is seen by others the higher the chances of getting sign ups.


This is it for our team update, I was looking for a company to build long term and it looks like this is the winner.
The Compensation Plan is unique and works great.
Only A One Time Payment.
A system where the company is helping everyone.
Extreme timing by being in the first few hundreds, if you get a Global Network Builder position now you will make a lot of money with it once we reach the 1,000, 3,000, 10,000 and so on members mark, imagine having 100,000 members in years time and you joined in the first 1,000. Your Global Network Builder positions will be worth thousands of dollars all for a one time payment.


Bonus – Chat Room

We now have a chat room for everyone to enjoy  @ HotConference, below is the link.


Note : To receive team updates you will have to optin to donothingmoney.com/onfirematrix/ the updates won’t go to my entire list anymore.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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