OnFireMatrix Over $6000 Worth of Spillover

Over $6k Worth of Spillover

Good & Bad News

It’s been a long time since my last OnFireMatrix update but I always have one and mostly they are positive ones. OnFireMatrix has been one of the top programs I joined in 2011 and definitely living up to its reputation in 2012.

On a side note, OnFireMatrix it’s changing it’s name to OnFireMiracle.

I am writing this post to update you about three main issues with OnFireMatrix, which are :

1 – Over $6000 Worth of CompanyWide Spillover.
2 – iPayout the only Withdrawal option.
3 – OnFireMatrix Additional income through their Travel Program.

Back in November the main reason why I joined OnFireMatrix was because of a unique feature this program has, which is the CompanyWide Spillover, I even wrote several posts about it and one named ” OnFireMatrix Spillover Proof “, in this post I share, how I earned over $2,000usd through companywide spillover and now I am going to do it again. Share all the details with you.

OnFireMatrix (JOIN NOW)
OnFireMatrix / OnFireMiracle


Over $6,000usd In Spillover

Thanks to the OnFireMatrix / OnFireMiracle CompanyWide Spillover system many, many members are cycling even without having to refer other members into the program, and them cycling causes leverage from one level to the next level and that causes lots of cycles to happen and members to earn commissions.

Just few months ago, I cycled out of the $500 Flame matrix and entered the $1,000 Fire matrix, this matrix pays huge commissions but as the price mentions it is really hard to get many people to get there, with the company spill this problem was solved for me. My entire second and third level were filled earning me over $3000usd in commissions, another of my team members also got his Fire Matrix filled from Company Spillover and several dozens got their 2×2 Spark, 2×3 Ignites and even 2×3 Flame matrix filled.

Here is a screen shot of my $1000 fire matrix and my finances statement, I could upload a ton of these shots to show you everyone that is cycling but this should be enough to proof my point.

Now I also landed a $3000 Blaze Matrix and I am pretty sure that it will start to fill up overtime, thanks to this unique compensation plan.
If you can to join now and prepare for the future of OnFireMatrix, let me know.

To join this program, I paid a One-Time Payment of $65usd and then only $10usd / month maintaining fee. That’s all it takes.


iPayout as Withdrawal Option

For the worst news OnFireMatrix administration decided that they are going to provide withdrawals only through iPayout, people can still buy in using STP, AP, LR, Ipayout and others but now can only withdraw to their iPayout account. It has a debit card option and bankwire but I think this was an unnecessary move.

It surely makes it easier for them to process payments using just 1 payment processor but that is the worst for the members and programs are built, grown, sustained and maintained by the members, so its always the best choice to offer them (us) the best and biggest variety of choices available.

With that said, I know they will loose a lot of business due to this but that’s their choice. I registered an iPayout account pain free because I didn’t have a choice and the BankWire fees are $35 for each transaction, vs the $15 I pay with AP.


OnFireMiracle Travel Program

In the past few months, there has been a lot of work going on with the OFM system, new tools are being added and additional income streams to the already amazing compensation plan. These new additions to the compensation plan will be part of their new product, which is a Travel Program, the costs is only $55usd including fees and you can buy it right now from the ofmstore.

To get additional information about the new income streams, product and system you need to access the conference call and webinars, you can also contact support and request instructions on how to purchase your Travel Program Package and lock your position for the launch on May 2012.


If you are looking for a long term income, where the company will give you a helping hand while you build then this program is an amazing choice.

You can join for as low as a one time payment of $50usd but you can also choose to manually upgrade to $100, $500 and up to $1,000 and be placed right away under your sponsors matrix on that level.


Negative Side of OnFireMatrix

Since I gave all the positive details about OnFireMatrix it is only fair that I share the negative side of the program as well.

The OnFireMatrix administration will try whatever there is in their power to block you from earning commissions, moving forward through the compensation plan and avoid you from withdrawing. Each time a referral that is “passive” and is due to move to a new level or reaches a certain qualification, the make up a new rule to block said members, this freezes the entire team and its a change that such thing has to happen. It’s like GREED is always the main winner when it comes to the Owners / Admins of these programs.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to assist you.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

P.S. Prepare for a unique system that will be launching soon, with a companywide spillover feature. This will be a huge launch, with the right price,  available for everyone and you can contact me now for more details.

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