OnFireMatrix Pay It Forward Lead Capture Page

Pay It Forward – Lead Capture Page

Here is a small post to share our latest Lead Capture Page for marketing and advertising your OnFireMatrix Business. This was requested by some of our team members and this will be a very easy sell, we will be selling with this pages the program with the CompanyWide Teambuild, CompanyWide Spillover, Our Own Teambuild + The Pay It Forward offer, no one can say No to that.


OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild
Lead Capture Page Details

First let me tell you that all of the tools and pages can be found at the same place as usual, the Team-Build Marketing page and the Direct-Sponsorship Marketing page. This page will be featured on both Tools pages.

The concept behind this Lead Capture Page is really simple, easy to use and follow.

After you request your lead capture page and start to promoting it… Here is how the system will work.

Your prospects will optin to your website and be redirected to your own Referral Link, you get an email with their contact information and a note telling you that this is a PIF request, after this member joins or before that you can follow the PIF Strategy guide to Pay his / her joining Fee and you are all set.

At the same time your prospects will be also receiving follow up letters, the same as those in the Teambuild prospects list.

Pay It Forward Lead Capture Page Preview :

OnFireMatirx We Pay It ForwardPay It Forward Banners :

These banners are also available at the 728×90 (Leaderboard) size.

OnFireMatrix Pay It Forward Banner

OnFireMatrix Pay It Forward Banner

This is all you need, just $10usd worth of ads will get you several prospects more likely more than what you can handle, I recommend using one of the many advertising guides that I provide to get the word out.

The process to request the Lead Capture Page is the same as the others and you can find the step by step instructions by going to the main tools page.

If you have any questions, leave a comment.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana – skype : strosdegoz

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