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OnFireMatrix Update
New Payment Processor

Pay It Forward Building Strategy



In this update I will share a nice building strategy for OnFireMatrix and give you several updates, this strategy will be based on Paying It Forward without really investing anything some of the time. So you can end up building your business without pulling a dime out of pocket but some other times you will have to invest, either way it will work great if you put it into action.

Lead Capture Page System now available to promote this strategy.

OnFireMatrix Update

The first and most important update is the Payment Processor. Since O.F.M. launched Alertpay hasn’t been processing credit card payments which created some difficulties for many members to join the program, about 70% of the people joining our team have to exchange their funds somehow from one processor to another to be able to buy in, as a solution On Fire Matrix added SolidTrustPay as an additional payment processor, not many are familiar with STP and in general it isn’t really good as everything you have to do with it it takes too much trouble.

The real solution is I-Payout. This new payment processor is now LIVE and is going to solve each and every issue members are having to either deposit or withdraw funds to / from OnFireMatrix, right now you can already choose to which payment processor you want to be paid to in your backoffice. Just login, click on Profile and you will see a drop-down menu as in the image below.

OFM Payment Processors

We can clearly see : Alertpay, SolidTrustPay and I-Payouts, now we are familiar with the first two but I-Payout is the new one,  below are some of the details.

Setting up this payment processor is the first step to Global Explosion as this will give access to everyone in the entire world to OnFireMatrix. Here are the eWallet Deposit and Withdrawals options, taken from i-payout.com

Deposit Options

  • US/Canada bank transfer (ACH)
  • International bank transfer (wire)
  • Electronic fund transfer (EFT)
  • Mailed Check
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards (product payments only)
  • Western Union®
  • AliPay®
  • Other 3rd party systems

Withdrawal Options

  • US/Canada bank transfer (ACH)
  • International bank transfer (wire)
  • Electronic fund transfer (EFT)
  • Mailed Check
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Prepaid Card
  • Western Union®
  • Other 3rd party systems
  • To another eWallet

As you can see this is the best possible solution to everyone, withdrawals can be done to Credit, Debit and even Prepaid Cards, Western Union, Bank Wire, Checks and more, not counting the fastest and easiest way ACH and EFT for those in North America.

As soon as this is up and running you will see some major advertising going on… At least from our team.

I almost forgot to mention that members can manually upgrade to the (Ignite $100), (Flame $500) and (Fire $1,000) levels by paying without having to actually cycle.

Teambuild Update

The teambuild is growing and dozens of members are receiving their share of company spillover and everyone will get to their turn as the company grows. For some is not going as fast as they expected but we only have few members promoting but that isn’t a draw back, we are here for the long term and I’ve been looking for a program with a great compensation plan that we can work and earn for weeks, months and years to come.

New Rule : As we progress through the phases now members are allowed to have more than two direct referrals on the teambuild list. So from now on you can get direct referrals and they will be added to the teambuild list to get two, first come first served, next in line.

You can use the tools we provide to get referrals, with these tools is just too easy because you only need to drive traffic to your capture page, and guess what? We have step by step instructions on how to drive traffic to your page.

OnFireMatrix Direct Sponsorship Tools
OnFireMatrix Teambuild 2 Under Each Tools

Phewww, I never thought this update would get so long…
And by the way you can join our teambuild by going to > OnFireMatrix Teambuild

Upgrade Your Membership
Today I checked my account and my 3rd Flame matrix had some new CompanyWide
Spillover. This can be anyones account, there are not many people at the Flame level
and hundreds are joining each day.
If you are serious like I am about this program and you want to work this long term
then my suggestion is to Upgrade Now.
At first I was a bit skeptical before upgrading but then I did it and is already startingto
pay off, if you upgrade now you will be in front of so many people company wide that
it will definitely pay you back in the long run.
Last – Advertising Campaign.
Now that the new payment processor is ready, I will start some major ads. We have
many, many members making money with this program thanks to our teambuild and
I want to encourage them to take part in our advertising co-op as I want to go big in
this round.
You can find the details here :

Pay It Forward Strategy

There are different ways to approach the Pay It Forward concept with OnFireMatrix, the fact that the program pays out 100% gives you some advantages and at some point it can help you grow your downline base without spending a dime. To understand part of this concept you need to understand the Compensation Plan.

The first way to Pay It Forward for someone is really easy and it is the Classic way. You ask the person you are going to pay it forward to, to sign up under your link, then you request their login details and upgrade their account, after their account is upgraded they can change their password. I do it this way for security measures, some people will just try to take the money and then leave.

The second way is the $50 pay it forward, you ask the person to pay the Admin Fee ($10usd) and then you transfer the remaining $50 or follow the steps above to upgrade their account. If a person is willing to pay for a portion, the admin fee or anything is better than paying the full amount because you know that this person is willing to put something into the business which gives you higher chances of getting an active referral.

With the sign up method explained lets go to the strategy.

OnFireMatrix pays 100% of the money that comes in, which means that if the cost to join is $50usd after fees then someone is going to get that $50usd back, normally this happens when members fall on your Payline (2nd and 3rd level depending on the matrix).

So on your 2×2 Spark for example, if you have 1 member on your payline that will give you a re-entry, the next two members will both pay you $50 each, now that you know that you can tell a person that you will pay their way after they pay the admin fee, the pay the fee you upgrade them and you earn the same $50 you spent to upgrade them back as commissions, you got yourself a new referral totally free. You can also offer a cashback offer, when this person upgrades you can offer to transfer $50 to their account balance, it would be the same $50 you earn when they join.

This can also be done at the higher levels, for example at the 2×3 Ignite, each members that falls on your payline will earn you $100, so when you are on your payline you can offer $100 cashback or a PIF because you will get it right back, if you have balance you only need to click on transfer funds, the person upgrades and thats it.

This strategy is possible on every level and is really a great one, you can build 5, 10 or even 20 Direct Referrals this way, tell them to do the same and go from there, your business would explode in no time.


The next move would be to work out step by step instructions for this process, look for members wanting to PIF others and then look for members that wants to be PIFed, this can be done by making Lead Capture Pages specially for that.

If you like this idea please leave a comment and share your thoughts, I can find people who want to be paid in right away.


Kind Regards

Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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