OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild

OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild
General Update

Looks like we have a winner with OnFireMatrix and this company is here to stay. Last week the company reached the milestone of $1 Million USD paid in commissions to OFM members, this is a huge achievement and I hope we can reach one day, $2, $3 and many more millions in commissions paid out.

I am working on our Teambuild on a daily basis, placing members under the next person in line on the list and providing the needed tools for those that want to Market directly.

OnFireMatrix now has their own Marketing Tools with dozens of Lead Capture Pages, follow up letters, leads & more, you can find all the information by going to :


We now have over 150 Members in our Teambuild List and over 800 members in total.

The cost to join OnFireMatrix is a one time payment of $50usd plus Admin and Payment Processor fee making it a total of $65usd. Alertpay, Solid Trust Pay and Ipayout are accepted as payment processor and by joining our team you agree to our team disclaimer.

Company Wide Spillover & Teambuild

This program has an unique compensation plan.
It pays out 100% of the product value and it has an unique feature :

Company Wide Spillover.

If you check the OFM Payplan video you can see how the entire company is working to help You cycle, it helps the weakest member in the company get their two referrals and more and also works by helping everyone in getting referrals under them.

I’ve experienced this myself and dozens of our team members if not hundreds, it is good to be in the program and suddenly wake up and see many members that I had to place their two under already in the 2×3 Ignite or a higher level thanks to the company wide spillover.

You can find additional details and join our Teambuild by going to :

OnFireMatrix Revoltuion Teambuild (We Give You 2 Paid Referrals)
OnFireMatrix Revoltuion Teambuild (We Give You Direct Referrals)

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz
Blog : http://blog.donothingmoney.com


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