OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild

OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild

We Assist You In Getting 2 Paid Referrals

Hello I want to introduce you to OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild where we as a team will help each member get two referrals and qualify them to be able to withdraw, there are no qualifications needed to cycle and earn money, so you can end up completing several cycles even before having your first direct referral.

OnFireMatrix Admins / Owners / Founders / CEO are Will Williams and Flynn McCartney.

I will divide the information here in three main points in case you want to skip one and go straight to the other.

— Join us now —
OnFireMatrix Teambuild

OnFireMatrix :

Let’s get started.

Note : If you want to join right away follow these step  :

1 – Email me > alandetsu[at]gmail.com or go Here.

2 – Subject Line > OnFireMatrix Teambuild Sign Up Link.

3 – Be ready with $65usd in your Alertpay Account Balance.

Product & Compensation Plan

– Product –

For your  $65usd one time payment you will get several Digital Products which includes ebooks and software that are available for download. The reason why the company chose digital products is because its easier to make available worldwide while products that needs to be shipped are not accepted in every country.

You will get a software called Facebook Buzz, which is a lead extractor. You will also get the best seller ebook Think and Grow Rich, plus many other good products. You can access www.joinonfirematrix.com to watch the webinars and also see future recordings.

OnFireMatrix Products

– Compensation Plan –

The compensation plan is unique, Patent Pending and its the reason why this company is getting so much momentum, it has an unique feature which are the Executive Network Builder positions, this positions will help everyone in the entire company cycle specially those that are weak promoting and referring others or are not seeing any movement in their matrix. Its a Global Teambuild System.

The first time you pay pay the cost will be $65usd including all fees, transaction fees, your position into the compensation plan and product. After that there is a $10usd monthly fee that will be deducted from your earnings. The company pays over 90%.

The Payplan is based on two phases, the 2×2 Spark Builder and the 2×3 Ignite Builder.

As you cycle each matrix you will generate several re-entry positions that will follow your sponsor and another one that will build the next available empty spot down the company line to help weak members cycle. As you cycle you will move through the levels and reach the big payouts.

Income potential is unlimited thanks to re-entries but the main boards will pay well over $100,000usd just from one position.

You can read the entire plan by going here > OnFireMatrix Compensation Plan


Revolution Teambuild Benefits

In our teambuild we will assist you in getting two direct paid referrals, this will qualify you to withdraw the commissions you earn through cycling. We also provide all the needed tools for you to promote online, when you bring in members they will also receive full support, follow up and assistance in getting two paid direct referrals.

Our tools are unique and made specially for us, they all feature a series of Autoresponder letters to increase sign up ratio, full follow up system and closing sales, all you will ever have to do is drive traffic to your Lead Capture Page and the rest is taken care off for you. Your prospects will receive all the information and guidance they need and receive your own referral link once they decide to join.

Our team also has an Advertising Co-op which helps everyone get leads faster.


Rules & Sign Up Instructions

– Rules –

* Max two direct referrals per member (After you have 2 direct referrals anymore than that is totally useless, so instead of getting more than two we encourage members to pass the additional referrals to their downline so they can also qualify to receive withdrawals or promote the team page. With our lead capture pages we can control when and where each new member sign up, you can request one at the bottom of this post).

* You must have $65usd ready in your Alertpay balance when you request the sign up link or don’t request it. If you want to visit the official website before joining the teambuild go to OnFireMatrix.com, but never request the link unless you have the funds and are ready to sign up.

* To be part of the teambuild and entered into the team list, you must reply with your sign up name, username and OnFireMatrix referral link after sign up or you won’t be on the team.

– Step by Step Sign Up Instructions –

1 – Be ready with 65$ in your Alertpay account.
2 – Contact Me to request the sign up link.
3 – Register and Upgrade.
4 – Reply with your contact details (Sign up name, username and OFM ref link).
5 – Sign up email or contact form > click here.


Ad Co-op, Marketing & Advertising Tools

Our Tools page contains several lead capture pages with an automated building system which includes follow up, support and autoresponder.

Several Banners to choose from with all different sizes, text ads, email ads and Step by Step advertising guides and strategies.

To access our tools page go to > OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild Tools


OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild Disclaimer

We do not guarantee two paid referrals. By joining this team build you understand and agree that, we as a team are doing everything possible to give everyone two direct referrals and place you on the Team Build list to get your two but there is no way to predict for how long we will be able to give away two to everyone, we provide tools and guides for everyone to be able to achieve success in this team.

The earlier you join the team the faster you will get your two. We work very, very hard to get everyone two and will keep on doing this for as long as this program is alive (hopefully for a very long time). You can contact me for step-by-step proven guidelines and strategies to get paid referrals.

Two paid referrals is no real challenge and everyone can get that with just a little bit of effort. It Is Never Too Late, Join Us Now!!!


Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

7 thoughts on “OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild

  1. Alan Spencer says:

    Launch is Saturday, 10.8.11 at 12noon EST

    There is a pre-launch call:

    On Fire Matrix……………………….. PRE-LAUNCH CALL 11am Eastern Standard Time
    When Saturday, October 8th, 2011
    Time 11:00 am – 11:30am Eastern Standard Time
    Call Number (712)-432-0900
    Access Code 262737#

  2. Small Delay with the Launch.

    Admin was taking Bank Transfer to fund members Alertpay account, he is taking another 3 hours to try and fun as many accounts as possible.

    Launch is now set to 3pm EST but it can be after the Daily Webinar at 4pm EST.

    If you have any questions post here.

  3. I have gone into banners broker 0.2 and want to speed up the process with $15.000 but when I click on the link it just takes me back into the main site again can you help?

  4. Kenneth Lavigne says:

    Please send info on how i can fund my alert pay account. I already lost $80.00 to inside pay. Please advise

    Kenneth Lavigne

  5. Please send the joining link to me. But only if you could send to my AP $65 which I will be able to return after a month only.