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I was on the computer this weekend but not really active just sending out looks for our teambuild and making duplicated lead capture pages. Now I will give you a full update of our team program and the company itself in general, some good news and some even better.

Read the entire update if you are a member and if you are not a member then become one, follow the link below :

OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild


First Commissions Run

On Saturday we received our first payments from OnFireMatrix, eventhing went more than enough and everyone that had request a withdrawal got paid. If you want to get paid then make sure to hit on withdraw you will more likely get paid today or tomorrow because they are going to be paying daily as soon as the launch rush settles, so far so good.

We have many, many team members making a nice profit and even more that reach the breakeven point in a timely manner.


New Marketing & Advertising Tools

I made some new tools to advertise your OnFireMatrix business, the reason for this will be explained further below.

Now we have two different set of tools and I will explain the benefits of both and which one you should use.

We have the Teambuild Marketing & Advertising Tools

Here we have several lead capture pages and two more coming soon (very soon). The advantages of using the TB tools are the following.
– Really Easy To Sell (It is really easy to refer others when you offer help)
– Automated System (Prospects will receive everything they need and you have to do nothing)
– Low Cost, Step by Step guides & More

We now also have the Direct Sponsorship Tools

I made these tools just to give everyone the choice of building the way they want but later was informed about some details of the payplan that makes it better to build directly instead of 2 under 2.
– Automated System with Follow Up Letters
– Prospects receive your Direct Referral link over and over
– Support is taken care of
– Low cost & Much More.

Now it doesn’t really matter which one of the two you choose as long as you choose one or just try to refer two members, if you can get two and help them do the same you are on the right track. Don’t give and work hard, we are here for the long term and things are looking good with this program and its unique compensation plan.


Team Building Suggestions

I was talking to one of the members involved directly with OnFireMatrix and discussing the best building strategies, I was told that building deep is not the best option but instead we should build Directly (Thats placing members directly under you). The income and movement is way, way bigger if you do this.

So my personal suggestion is the following :

1st – Split your Advertising 50 / 50, part of your ads should go to marketing the teambuild system and help your first two members get two.
2nd – As soon as your first two members have two fully switch to Direct Sponsorhip, this will highly increase your income while you reach the big payouts.

The system is unique because of the way you can leverage more and more new positions while you cycle through the phases but if you are building two under each you won’t see those new positions nor any income while you reach those so before seeing the it would take too long.

So focus on building directly under you and I will take care of the teambuild and place two under each while I also put up some personal ads to get my direct refs as well.

If you sign a new member up make sure to show them the Team Disclaimer as you were shown before joining, if you didn’t read the disclaimer before joining you already have your two.
You can find the disclaimer here, just scroll to the bottom of the page :

 * Note : I can give a better and longer explanation on why getting direct referrals is better than building deep, the 2×2 and the 2×3 are involved and the fact that you only get one 2×3 out of your 2×2 and then the only way to get more 2×3 are re-entries, which means the same happens for your refs…

Company Improvements & Payment Processor

The company is working on setting up a new payment processor, Alertpay is having issues processing Visa & Mastercard payments which is stopping many, many members from joining, as a solution to this we have been exchanging funds from Paypal to Alertpay and other processors.

On Fire Matrix is adding new features to its ewallet were members can fund it using Cards and other methods, this will solve every single problem that we have at the moment with Alertpay. For now we will stick to exchange as the only option for signing new members up.

The website was rebuilt and now members have a replicated website that tracks your prospects every step and as soon as they hit on “Join Now” your sponsor ID is always there. The backoffice will also be improved in the future and much more.

We are at the early stage of a great company with an unique compensation plan, a true teambuild it offers and I received spillover myself even though I have hundreds of members below me. There are dozens of team members that are received company spillover and making money thanks to that.


Chat Room

If you don’t like to wait for updates you can always access our chatroom, I am there and many of our active members are there ready to answer your questions or prospect questions, you can access it by following the link below


Team Progress

We are doing extremely well and our members are generating about 30 new leads / prospects per day and I am generating an additional 50 to a total of 80 new prospects per day. We have lots of marketing material and also added solo and text ads to our tools page, those are producing some great results.

On top of that I will be writing three new Advertising Guides for you to follow step by step to set up advertising, this will help you have more choices when it comes to advertising. We have members getting paid referrals all the time by sending just few paid ads that everyone in the world can duplicate.

The advertising coop has been a great success and members sent plenty of funds and we have dozens and dozens of ads out there, thats the only way we can generate that huge amount of leads on a daily basis.

More follow up letters are needed so if you are good at writing or even bad please contact me or write few ads and send it to my email by using the contact form.


I feel like I am missing something but don’t know what, anyways if I did just let me know and I will get back here and update my post.

Kind Regards

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