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If you are a returning visitor or common reader of my blog you already know about OnFireMatrix, I’ve been promoting it now for several months and this post is fully focused in showing my experience with this program.

I joined OnFireMatrix on the 8th October 2011 and decided to do a Teambuild where we assist members with getting direct referrals (OnFireMatrix Revolution Teambuild), it was an extreme success but as it happen with most of the programs, most of the people move on to something new, even though the program is performing really well and some have hundreds of dollars in their accounts just sitting there.

Just as people move on and try to find new money making programs that are “hotter” at the moment many others also stay for the long term and this is what I want to make emphasis about, Long Term.

Even though there is a monthly fee and members need to have 2 active referrals in order to withdraw this program really aims for Long Term and it is perfect for that. The Compensation Plan pays out a nice 100% on the product cost and has an unique Global Teambuild system or CompanyWide Spillover feature where the weakest spot in the company is built / helped by the entire company.

I wrote a post called “OnFireMatrix Spillover Proof” where you can read and see through the screen shots the details about the company spillover, I made over $2000usd from company spillover alone and now my Fire Matirx (Worth $1000usd) is being filled completely from company spillover.

People want to see results only days if not hours after joining, I joined on October and I am more than happy with the results I am seeing now, it takes time but its really paying off.

If you have an account with OnFireMarix login and click on ‘Pay Monthly Fee’ if you have balance you will have the company to pay for the fee from your balance and you can get your money, if you are not a member the time to join is now.

You can get all the details by clicking on the link below :

OnFireMatrix Overview
Product & Compensation Plan (Video Included)

OnFireMatrix Unique CompanyWide Spillover

Please take some time to go through the details.

*The cost to join and upgraded is $50usd + $10usd monthly admin fee which can be deduced from your earnings plus the fees to a total of $65usd.
*You can also upgrade to higher pay levels like the Ignite 2×3 for $100usd or the Flame 2×3 for $500 and the maximum is the Fire 2×3 Matrix which costs $1,000usd.
*To move to the higher levels you need to fill up your matrix either from your own efforts, your upline, downline or companywide spillover.

*There are two additional Levels, the Blaze 2×3 @ $3000usd and the Inferno 2×3 @ $6000usd.

If you are serious about Making Money Online then OnFireMatrix deserves a closer look.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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