Bidify Movie & Bidify News Page

Bidify Movie & Bidify News Page Bidify New Video Here is a great video that gives us some insight about Bidify and the overall business. This is more of a promotional video that shares the general concept of Bidsson and Bidify as an online Multi Level Marketing company. A nicely done presentation that is appealing […]

Bidify Affiliate Upgrade – Step by Step V3.0

Bidify Affiliate Upgrade Step by Step Instructions V3.0  Bidify Affiliate Upgrade Instructions Step by step instruction to upgrade to a Bidify Affiliate. The process to upgrade is really simple and its basically 3 steps but the funding part requires some more time. I am helping my team members to fund their account through Towah and make the […]

Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild – Q & A

The Bidify 3x Wide TEAMBUILD Get 3 Paid Affiliates in Your downline & theirs This will be the biggest build EVER!!! TRUST ME! Hello {!firstname_fix}, few days ago I sent a teaser about our upcoming Bidify 3x Wide Teambuild Not to my surprise only hours later 100s of emails came in with questions and interested people so here, I […]

The Golden Path Is Over (Admin Shutdown)

The Golden Path Is Over (Admin Shutdown) TGP Closed its doors Now it seems to be a common trend but The Golden Path also known as TGP has ended. The Admin decided to pull the plug, this is the same action that W4AT admin took. Not for the same reason but they exact same action. […]

Bidify Challenge & Bidsson 2.0

Bidify Challenge & Bidsson 2.0 Bidify Improvements As it happen daily Bidify and Bidsson keeps on growing and improving. The compensation plan improved, the website improved, the penny auctions growing, the support improved and much more. I can’t tell you how excited I am about everything that has been going on with Bidify & Bidsson […]

Two Revenue Share – AdMaximum & AdzRewards

AdMaximum & AdzRewards Introduction Revenue Share & Profit Share programs are quite interesting and easy to understand, these programs sell virtual products for a small price and give back most of the profit to the members. In these programs there is no need to refer others or make any sales in order to qualify for […]