Bidify Security Maintenance Is Over (New Password Required)

Bidify Security Maintenance Password Upgrade Needed Bidify Password Upgrade Today Bidify went into maintenance for several hours due to a security audit, everything is fine and the website is back up. We can also see the Leadership Bonus for the day. Right now all the Affiliates and Retail customers are required to set a new […]

Bidify Unique Special One Time Offer!!!

Bidify Special & Unique Offer Limited Spots Available Introduction Bidify is the affiliate and marketing arm of the Bidsson Penny Auctions website. Today we had record sales once again @ Bidify & Bidsson which gave the affiliates a huge Leadership Bonus. Bidify as a company is fully registered in the USA and 100% Legal and […]

Back Business

Back To Work Hello Everyone. I was out for the weekend having some time off and staying away from the computer a little bit. I still worked on my cell phone but you still get to relax while you are away from home and the pc. I want to let you know that I am […]

TheGoldenPath Important Changes & Update

TheGoldenPath Compensation Changes & Update TGP Changes The Golden Path has made some changes and improvements to the compensation plan to speed up cycling. In a nutshell, Level 5 has been turned into an “Angel” positions and no more income will be paid on it. With the changes above the cycling speed should increase dramatically […]

Step by Step Advertising Guides, Strategies, Tutorials, How To & More

DoNothingMoney Blog Step by Step Advertising Guides & Strategies Introduction The DoNothingMoney blog (DNM) started as a blog focused on Advertising tutorials, guides, strategies, how to’s with step by step instructions and more. The goal was to explain and help the readers on how to generate sales online (Refer others), in a way that even […]

The Golden Path Massive Cycling (The Unstoppable Whirlwind)

The Golden Path Massive Cycling Today I woke to check my TheGoldenPath account and was amazed by the available cash balance. I normally withdraw on a daily basis so I tell about how much me and my refs cycle by looking at the total Cash Balance. To my surprise today my balance at The Golden […]

Bidify Leadership Bonus & Bidsson Penny Auctions

Bidify Leadership Bonus Bidsson Penny Auctions The Penny Auctions I’ve been bidding @Bidsson and lately it has been a lot of fun. The business is definitely growing and the compensation is getting bigger. Lots of new products are being auctioned everyday and the prices unbelievably good. You can find almost anything, gift cards, ipods, ipads, […]

DailyCashMania – Not joining

DailyCashMania   In this post I wanted to inform you about my decision with DailyCashMania but it seems that, that isn’t relevant anymore. Anyways be aware of the person below, he is on MMG and several other forums and he tried to scam me several times including endless spam.   Be aware of the known […]

Quick program update (I am back)

Hello, I was out for the weekend and just want to let you know that I am back now. I will be writing some updates here as soon as I catch up with all the emails and support questions. Bidify is performing really good. The Unstoppable Whirlwind is growing at a nice rate daily and […]