Argent Global Network Could It Be Zeek Rewards 2.0?

NO Zeek Rewards is not back in business BUT I believe Argent Global Network’s hybrid plan takes the best of Zeek Rewards and merges it with Telexfree and a management team with integrity to create what I like to call “Zeek Rewards 2.0” The management team is made up of 4 founders, two on the […]

Good List Management (Unsubscribe Feature)

Good List Management The Money Is In The List So Do It Right More and more people are realizing that List Building when it comes to making money online is the most important aspect of your career. One fact they are ignoring is Good List Management. With targeted spam becoming an ever increasing problem there […]

STPay International Debit Card Program Shut Down

SolidTrust Pay Intl Debit Card Shut Down STP Intl. Mastercard No More SolidTrust Pay On the 4th of October 2013 sent out a newsletter to its International Debit Card Mastercard program users stating the the program was on hold. The update (which you can read below) goes on to say that all the funds in […]

JubyAdBank Official Closure Notice

JubyAdBank Closure Revenue Share Period Is Over If you have been in the industry for several years you will notice that type of programs momentum comes in cycles. You see matrix programs going hot for several months, then it is daily fixed rate programs, then cyclers, then revenue shares and so on. The cycle goes […]

PayZa Refunding AdHitProfits Disputes

AdHitProfits Lost To PayZa PayZa Refunds in AdHitProfits Here is a quick post if you are one of the many victims in AdHitProfits. What started as a good revenue sharing program turned into a nightmare after the admin became completely unreliable. Long story short, if your funds were stolen, blocked, shut down or whatever by […]

JubyAdBank 100% Repurchase Weekend, Revenue Stats, Domains, Payment Proof & More

JubyAdBank Stats Update Payment Proof, Revenue & More JubyAdBank Introduction JubyAdBank (JAB) has been the success everybody was expecting it to be. It offers an unique system where it is never too late to join. The program since its inception has been built to stay around, all the features point towards longevity rather than a […]

Scam Warning : AdMediaProfit, Life Conectar, AdWillGain + MicroAdShare

SCAM WARNING *AdMediaProfit *Life Conectar *AdwillGain AdMediaProfit Scam Team The infamous AdMediaProfit admin team is publicly at it once again. AdMediaProfit after being a fully support, fast growing and high “paying” program felt down like a rock. Not because there was no growth, or the revenue share stalled but because the administration team took off […]

JubyAdBanks More Improvements for Longevity

JubyAdBanks Long Term Revenue Share JubyAdBank Update JubyAdBank launched two days ago on the 29th August without any technical problems. The program has been growing smoothly and the entire membership is happy with what they are seeing. Support is great by the members to the program and from the program to the members. JubyAdBank Payments […]