Slow Days

Slow Days The last several days have been really slow and not much going on in the online community and specially the programs that we are in and that is why not many updates have been written here. Bidify is launching tomorrow (15th April) so now is the only and last chance to join and […]

Bidify Is Paying & Launching Soon

Bidify Is Paying & Launching Soon Update 4/22/2012 : Bidify is in no way a Passive Investment Program, if you see any reference to passive income on this website that information is outdated, please contact me and I will update it. Compensation is directly tied to the personal achievement of each independent affiliate. Bidify / […]

What Is A Teambuild?

What Is A Teambuild? Introduction Most of the DoNothingMoney readers are familiar with What A Teambuild Is, while many others are lost. If you frequently visit this blog you will see this word used a lot and the biggest programs for me and my team are the ones where a Teambuild is taking place. In […]

OneXPRO Explained

OneXPRO Explained OneXPRO – Introduction As you might know already OneX & QLxchange is launching a new program called OneXPRO which is going to be huge. As usual when a new program or addition to an old program launches most of the members tend to get confused because the company or sponsors normally do a […]

OneXPro & QLxchange In Prelaunch

OneXPro & QLxchange In Prelaunch New OneX (OneXPRO & QLxchange) OneX is having some major improvements and additional income streams. In this post you will find everything you need to know about the new OneX program called OneXPRO. OneX launched about 10 months ago and has over 1,000,000 members worldwide, take the time to read […]

All Passive Income Programs Update

Passive Income Programs Introduction I normally use to avoid passive income programs and aim more at the active ones, passive income is really good but can also be really risky that’s why people need to be really careful when choosing a passive income program. As usual we’ve seen many passive income programs come and go […]

Banners Brokers Is Paying

Banners Brokers Is Paying After almost 1 year of being a Banners Broker member, I am still getting paid. This time my latest set of payment request came in faster than expected. Banners Brokers is an advertising platform where you can earn bonus compensation by buying and selling traffic to various internet websites. This company […]

T2MoneyKlub Last Chance (Membership Closing 1st April)

T2MoneyKlub Last Chance Membership Closing 1st April T2MoneyKlub Upgrade Now Hello everyone, today is your last chance to join and upgrade your T2MoneyKlub account. T2MoneyKlub membership will close tomorrow and all free accounts will be removed, membership might not open again until 2013. You join can T2MoneyKlub NOW. T2MoneyKlub – Join Now T2MoneyKlub pays 2% […]

How To Make A Custom Designed Banner

How To Make A Banner Easy Banner Creation Hello everyone, I came across a very neat website that will help you create your own Banner in a matter of minutes. You can have a great looking banner in no time, with no efforts and no design or programming knowledge. The process is extremely easy and […]