Scam Warning : AdMediaProfit, Life Conectar, AdWillGain + MicroAdShare

SCAM WARNING *AdMediaProfit *Life Conectar *AdwillGain AdMediaProfit Scam Team The infamous AdMediaProfit admin team is publicly at it once again. AdMediaProfit after being a fully support, fast growing and high “paying” program felt down like a rock. Not because there was no growth, or the revenue share stalled but because the administration team took off […]

JubyAdBanks More Improvements for Longevity

JubyAdBanks Long Term Revenue Share JubyAdBank Update JubyAdBank launched two days ago on the 29th August without any technical problems. The program has been growing smoothly and the entire membership is happy with what they are seeing. Support is great by the members to the program and from the program to the members. JubyAdBank Payments […]

JubyAdBank Is Live! Never Too Late To Join

JubyAdBank Is Live It’s Never Too Late To Join JubyAdBank is now live and all of the website features are fully active. It is never too late to join with JubyAdBank there is an unique Fast Track Program in place and only minutes after launching I earned 18% for my newly purchased shares. That is […]

JubyAdBank Improvements & Launch Date

JubyAdBank Launch Update JubyAdBank Funding, Features & Launch Date JubyAdBank Funding is LIVE! The most anticipated revenue sharing program is now open to take deposits. SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and Perfect Money are accepted as payment processors. Launch date will be 6am EST 29th August, this is less than 12 hours away from now. There is […]

Separating the Winners from the Losers

Factors Separating the Winners from Losers In this High Risk Online Money Making Industry Winners VS Losers There are several main factors separating the winners from the losers when it comes to making money in this high risk online industry. The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to follow the golden […]

AdMediaProfit Scam Bad News (Selective / No Payments)

AdMediaProfit Gone Scam? AdMediaProfit Selective / No Payments I didn’t want to be the person delivering the bad news as the majority of the people either don’t want to hear it or simply can’t accept anything that isn’t what they want to hear or believe. In the case of AdMediaProfit as you might already know […]

JubyAdBank A Revenue Share Revolution!?!? Read More

JubyAdBank JubyAdBank Introduction JubyAdBank its the new program from the JubyAdShare admin, as many people already know the JubyAdShare admin is support dedicated and worked for over 6 months to deliver JubyAdShare. The program became and instant success and a complete game changer with the revenue sharing limit per cycle. Victim of its own success […]

UPDATE : AdMediaProfit and JubyAdBank

Revenue Share Updates AdMediaProfit Under DDOS As most of you know the AdMediaProfit website is under a massive DDOS attack. A DDOS attack in simple terms isĀ  just more traffic than the website can absorb. The admin upgraded the AdMediaProfit website servers and these attacks should be a thing of the past soon. The admin […]

AdMediaProfit Implements 50/50 Rule

AdMediaProfit Becomes Stronger AdMedia Profit 50/50 Rule The norm is to see programs changing and adding long term and sustainability features after it is too late. This is not the case with AdMediaProfit. Yesterday I wrote my first post about AdMediaProfit (You can read it here : AdMediaProfit Unique Sharing System {Opens in a new […]