Best Practice for Website Owners – InfoGraphic

Best Practice for Website Owners Monetize Your Website I am leaving you with this nice infographic explaining the statistics concerning website advertising. The best places to place your ads based on statistics and much more. The best way to figure out what works for you and your visitors is by testing each ad space tracking […]

Is Ad Hit Profits Dying?

Is Ad Hit Profits Dying? Ad Hit Profits Slow Days Ahead? With the revenue we have been seeing the last few days people can’t help but wonder if Ad Hit Profits is dying! Let me first tell you that it is 100% normal to ask that questions specially since we have been seeing a raise […]

Ad Hit Profits PPC (Pay Per Click) & Geo Targeting

Ad Hit Profits New Income Stream Pay Per Click & Geo Targeting Ad Hit Profits Income Streams Ad Hit Profits keeps on growing and it also keeps on improving. A new income stream has been added which is the Pay Per Click option for advertisers which increases revenue and provides better results for the ads. […]

AdHitsRev Revenue Share Gone Wrong (1hour After Launch)

AdHitsRev Already Dead AdHitsRev Scam? Have you heard of AdHitsRev? I never promoted it for some obvious reason but decided to participate in it and boy what a crappy ride that was. Just an hour ago a new revenue share program that was in prelaunch for few days went live. This program had the worst […]

Ad Hit Profits Incredible Stats (26th June)

Ad Hit Profits Statistics Ad Hit Profits Today Stats (26th June) I am definitely a fan of statistic and I know that most people are, specially when they are involved in something big. Ad Hit Profits is that something big and the stats are just astonishing. This stats reflect the progress AHP is having up […]

Adzibiz New Revenue Share

Adzibiz Revenue Share Adzibiz Intro Adzibiz is a new revenue share program that has been around for only 3 days. I joined and made a test spend and now I am ready to share it. The program is extremely easy to understand as it is using the same script that Ad Hit Profits is using […]

Ad Hit Profits Proves It’s A Real Business (LLC Certificate)

Ad Hit Profits LLC Certificate Ad Hit Profits Legally Registered Here is the proof that Ad Hit Profits is registered in the United States and legally operating as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). AD HIT PROFITS, LLC CERTIFICATE OF EXISTENSE What does this means to you? Well now you know that this program is operating […]

AdHitProfits VS UTSProfitAds

Ad Hit Profits VS UTSProfitAds AHP vs UTS Introduction After seeing all the fighting between members in the forums about Ad Hit Profits and UTSProfitAds, I decided to write this post. The goal is to compare both programs and reach a conclusion. Both programs are based on the profit / revenue sharing compensation plan type […]

UTSProfitAds Skype Room

UTSProfitAds Skype Room UTSProfitAds On Skype UTSProfitAds is growing at a lighting speed. Many members requested to have access to a Skype room and I started one. In this room you can chat with other members, ask questions, share updates and stay updated with everything that is happening with UTSProfitAds. * To join the UTSProfitAds […]