Passive Bitcoin Income In 2017 Tips To Choosing The Right Venure

It seems 2017 is the year of
Bitcoin programs and bitcoin business opportunity
launches. On an almost daily basis I am flooded
with bitcoin opportunities. Most are simply forced
matrix gifting type programs that all pitch the
same thing.

Just join and refer 2 who get 2 and you will make
thousands or we have a team build and we will
give you massive spillover, blah blah blah.

In my opinion what is appealing to people
most and what is offering the average people
a fair shot at making significant income
WITHOUT sponsoring, recruiting or waiting for
spillover are crypto trading type ventures.

The problem with these ventures is that many
CLAIM to be involved with trading but show no
verifiable proof and they really do not share
any information about the admin, management or
owners of the program.

Here are a few things to consider before you
jump into a passive bitcoin income investment.

1) Are the owners or admin of the program
known and accessible.

2) Is the program in the U.S or overseas?
Passive Income type programs especially those
that involve any type of trading like Forex
are doomed to fail in the U.S.

3) Is the daily return fixed or does it fluctuate?
If a program offers fixed returns verses variable
its much more likely its NOT going to be a long
term venture. There are exceptions but in most cases
fixed returns are not a good sign.

4) Are the returns being offered MORE than 5%
per day. Generally average returns for a sustainable
model would be 1-2% per day. In most cases that
also means banking days, NOT calendar days. If it
pays more than that you run into extremely high
probability the program might not last that long.

5) Length of time you get paid. If you see
a venture offering 5% per day for life or even
2% per day for life run and hide! A reasonable
time frame is 90 days and a reasonable ROI
is 20-50% more than what you spent. When you go
above those two criteria the program is much higher

6) What is your ROP? Many people focus so much
on ROI they forget about ROP which is Return Of
Principle. If you are in a program paying
1% per day it will take 100 days before you even
get back what you invested! Most marketers in
these types of deals post videos etc showing
proof they are getting paid after a week or two
etc. This is to entice new comers to join.
Most newbies just dont realize that for more than
3 months you are only getting back your own money.

Programs that pay your principle back quick are
not necessarily better, because most with high
returns fast are scams BUT each day you get paid
your risk of loss lessens.

7) Withdraw limitations and withdraw fees. Some
programs look good on the surface but they limit
you on what you can withdraw or they charge you
a fee each time you withdraw which eats into your
profits. Make sure you consider the withdraw
criteria when reviewing any passive bitcoin income

These 7 things should help you pick a good passive
bitcoin business to invest in. Before you do
always remember the golden rulein this industry.
ANYTHING that is paying you higher return than
you can get from a bank or financial institution
is high risk. Keep yourself diversified and
choose what you invest in wisely.

To see what programs I am using to create
passive bitcon income opt into my list
using the subscription box on this blog.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Victor Brown III
3 John II

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