Passive Forex Income | Multiply Your Money Hands Free!

Passive Forex Income has cracked the code that lets ANYONE with a desire and a little money to profit from the Forex Market, the largest financial market in the world hands free!

The most exciting part of this program is that members DO NOT have to know ANYTHING about the Foreign Exchange to get paid TWO sources of passive income with this company.

The first source of passive income comes from the actual trading of your account. The company uses a Trade Copier Service that links the company trading account to your account and every time their account makes a trade yours simultaneously executes the same trade!

There is no need to have your computer on 24 hours per day, No need to subscribe to real time charting, No buttons to push, zilp nada! Simply become a member, open a trading account at the suggested broker, fill in a few pieces of information to link your brokerage account to the company traders and fund your account with as little as $100 and you are on your way to creating a passive forex income 24 hours per day 5 days per week without ever lifting a finger!

The second way that passive forex income puts cash in your pocket is through the Passive Forex Matrix. As an annual subscriber you immediately get a spot in the 2 x 12 forced matrix compensation plan. There is NO Sponsoring Required to pocket up to $40,000.00 with the program! You will get paid $10 per person that falls below you through 11 levels even if you never referred anyone to the program!

To get paid off the 12th level in the program you simply need to refer TWO others and you will be instantly eligible to get paid over $122,000.00 annually!

The Diamond Membership has an annual fee that includes your website, your back office, and the trade copier software subscription for the entire year! NO monthly fees for anything!

As I mentioned there is no sponsoring required BUT if you choose to refer others you can make some huge fast start commissions and even generate a monthlhy residual income from the profits made in the Forex Trading WITHOUT ever paying a monthly fee!

This program has it all, fast cash, TWO sources of passive income and a monthly residual income with NO Monthly fees! As a bonus, since the membership fee is annual we also get paid an Annual Residual Income as those we refer renew each year.

Here is another unique thing about the program. If you do NOT have the money to join as a Diamond Member you can enroll at NO COST and earn your way into the program!

That’s right, you can enroll FREE and get paid $500 for each person you refer who becomes a Diamond Member. That means just TWO referrals and you have the cash to become a Diamond Member yourself and you are immediately positioned in the matrix where you have the potential of up to $40,000 without EVER sponsoring anyone!

One of the other things I really like about the program is that No one EVER touches your money but you! If you deposit funds into your brokerage account and the company trades for you and puts say $5000 in profit in your account you can withdraw some or all anytime you want!

I highly suggest you consider becoming a member of Passive Forex Income especially if you are tired of the revenue share and other money game type programs online.

Check out Passive Forex Income today!

Got questions shoot me an email elementstowealth [@] gmail DOT Com

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