Passive Income Programs Getting Complex

Passive Income Programs

Are You Into Passive Programs?

Lately I’ve been involved in a few of the so called “Passive Income Programs”. Passive income programs are described in this blog as programs where you can earn an income (any amount) without the need of making sales (referring others).

These programs have always been High Risk due to the fact that 90%+ of these are ponzi scheme.

Just years ago the Passive Programs industry had a huge breakdown and they became even more riskier than they already were. Now programs pop up every day and close down every other day.

There are very simply and easy rules to follow when joining passive income programs in order to be successful and come out in profit.

1st – Always invest or deposit, purchase whatever amount you can afford to loose. Do Not Invest more than that.

2nd – Choose your start up amount wisely, go for it and get it back as soon as possible. Always Break Even First and then reinvest / compound with your earnings.

3rd – Diversify by choosing several programs. Never put everything in the same place instead put a little here and a little bit over there.

By following these few simple and easy rules you can become a big winner, lower your risk and profit most of the time in any Passive Income Program You participate.


What About Complexity?

This is actually good news. Passive Income programs are getting more and more complex and that is only to be able to stay longer in business.

People lost trusts in these kind of programs so the administrators are coming up with complex calculation to raise the trust people have.

The reality is that they are all the same and as long as member are supporting the program, the program will have a good and long lifespan. If the members don’t support the program, then it will die fast.

So when you are choosing a program go for something different and not the same old HYIP or 2% daily plan. Take into consideration the amount of work the Admin puts into his website, plan and all the details, this will tell you if they are serious or not.

Something to always avoid are high payout compensation plan, those hardly last and too many people loose money way too fast.

You can find a list of Money Making Programs by clicking HERE.

— Tell me your view of passive income programs, how you approach them, are you a winner, if Yes what’s your strategy, etc!

— Have a nice rest of the day.

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (skype : strosdegoz)

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