Passive Income Programs Update

Passive Income Programs Update

Wealth Share Club, Banners Broker, Centurion Wealth Circle

Introduction **

These are the latest passive income program I am part of, they are all going strong and its safe to invest at the moment. These programs have the highest risk but can also earn you some bucks, fast and easy.

Invest only what you can afford to loose.
Always Diversify “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”.
Take your seed money out as fast as possible and then play with the profit.


Wealth Share Club **

This is my favorite passive income program because it has all the best features in one place.
Fast Payment, Stable ROI and Rock Solid.

This is a revenue sharing that pays from 0.5 %to 2% daily. It has been paying 2% since day 1 (51 days straight) and there are 1,110 registered members.

There is an unique Referral Contest going on right now until the 17th October, I am also running an Unique Special Offer for my blog readers and those that are part of my list, you can find more details here.
When it comes to earnings without referring, this is my top program at the moment. Do Not Miss It!!!

 Update : Today is Friday and requested a cashout which was paid within minutes. Fastest payout in the industry… for payment proof contact me.

Banners Broker **

Banners Broker is growing a lot on a daily basis and soon it will be 1 year old (In October). The program is rock solid and it has a huge potential. The last commissions payment were late as usual for everyone but it looks like everything is fine, instead the payments are late because they are always working so much on improving the website and not funds problem, it still sucks to get paid late but so far so good.

Every week I have a new panel that doubles it values and request a witthdrawal.
The Product which is the advertising platform also work, it works really slow but the traffic is real and unique.

Even though I am not really the happiest BB member but I still recommend it.
Join with the Blue Package Three pack and get your money back, then use your profit to generate more and more funds for as long as possible.

Centurion Wealth Circle **

Larry Harper, CWC Admin hasn’t give up and is working now on The Centurion Wealth Hub which is the feeder program for CWC that will provide its member with a Monthly Residual income at Zero Risk and at the same time highly increase the speed in which your main PSS positions are cycling.

There hasn’t been a ‘Tornado’ in the last few days but I am pretty sure one will come soon, I will be at the frontline as usual and you should be there also.

Centurion Wealth Circle is composed of three different income generator programs :

1 – Profit Sharing System which pays 200% and has a 50 / 50 withdrawal rule
2 – Tornado Profit System which pays 150% and last 24 hours, no way to loose and no withdrawal rules
3 – Centurion Wealth Hub which pays 5 levels deep and unlimited width is the Monthly Residual Income.


JustBeenPaid **

A big congratulations to everyone in JBP, the website is back and it looks like the program will be back on track soon.
I am not a member but not interested either but surely a happy time for their 20,000+ members.

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All the programs that I am part of can be found by clicking on “Make Money” on the top menu.

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If you have any questions use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)

8 thoughts on “Passive Income Programs Update

  1. I joined Wealth Share Club because you recommended it, and agree it impressive. It seems trustworthy and I am, in fact, making 2%.

    Here is my question: What are your thoughts on someone using a credit card to purchase ad packs? If the 2% continues, it will only take four months to have it all paid off any you are making pure profit.

    Just wondering what your thoughts/recommendations are. Obviously, it must be very trustworthy for such a recommenation.

    Thank you.

    • For this and this program only I can suggest that you reinvest to 100% on some Fridays to increase your account balance
      once you reach a certain goal then start to withdraw.

      It mostly depends if you are money tight or you have funds to invest.
      Always make sure to only invest what you can afford to loose.


  2. Eliphaz Bagarukayo says:

    Give me details

  3. What do you think of the letter the WSC guys sent out over the weekend? How strongly do you recommend it for a long term success?