PayZa Refunding AdHitProfits Disputes

AdHitProfits Lost To PayZa

PayZa Refunds in AdHitProfits

Here is a quick post if you are one of the many victims in AdHitProfits. What started as a good revenue sharing program turned into a nightmare after the admin became completely unreliable.

Long story short, if your funds were stolen, blocked, shut down or whatever by AdHitProfits admin Charles Scoville and you used PayZa they will give you a refund.

You can see the details through the link below :

I will quote part of the post here but you can go directly to that link to get additional information. I received feedback from other members getting their refunds as well just by filling a PayZa dispute.

Adhitprofits Dispute Refunded to Users

After 58 days i won adhitprofits dispute in my favor  , i got a partial refund from payza for my dispute againts to adhitprofits .  Total dispute amount was $973,36 ( total amount i invested to adhitprofits ) . I received $294,68 . I already could cashout $682,42 while they were paying . So in summary , i got total 682,42 + 294,68 = $977,1 . It means , with adhitprofits i earned 977,1 – 973,36 = $3,74 in 93 days ! This does not include referral commission which my downline earned .

The strange part is , adhitprofits dispute refund came from email :  . After some investigation ,i found that  this is just his another program which scammed others .

adhitprofits dispute

Here is Adhitprofits’s threatining reply to my dispute :

7/17/2013 9:25:10 PM AdHitProfits Asking for more information, Giving more information

AdHitProfits is paying. It’s easy to see that.

Two ways this can go. 1. close the dispute and regain access to your account. This isn’t some sort of investment opportunity, and I assure you.. AdHitProfits delivers high value ad services, NOT an investment. So if you spent more than you could afford, I’m sorry you made that choice.

2. Keep the dispute open, and I’ll simply post screenshot the purchase was delivered, and this will close in my favor. There are few who decide to wait and see what Payza will do. It’s sad for them, because with that screenshot it closes in my favor, and they remind you that my terms of service are applied at all times.

So it’s up to you, really. I can take a screenshot and upload, but I think we can avoid you losing your account and this dispute… work together, and make things work well going forward together. There are a number of leaders offering video proof of effectiveness of our ad services. You might choose to take advantage of the services

This is answer of Payza :

The dispute has been closed

A Resolutions Specialist has done a partial reversal of your transaction in your favor.

Note by the Resolutions Specialist:

Refund issued as credit for the amount at loss.

The dispute lasted 58 day(s).

The dispute was closed on 09/13/2013.



Well this is it. Hope that helps.

If you are happily enjoying AdHitProfits, then good for you but  make sure to give this info to all those that got knocked out by Charles even if you are doing good. You have nothing to lose by helping others.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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