PayZa (Former Alertpay) Support Link

PayZa Support

Way too many people are lost looking for PayZa support link.

This is a super quick post to give you just that.

The support link is on the FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions).

– Go to

– On the website footer (At the bottom), you can see a Support Bar, click on FAQ.

– On the new pages that load, you will see the option “Submit Ticket“.

Hope that helps.

People are having problems verification and using their Credit Cards with Payza and that is because now they are using Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode and that doesn’t allow everyone to use their card online.

You need first to get approval from your bank and have some sort of online account with these two companies, what I did is that I moved to Solid Trust Pay. Killed two birds with 1 shot, avoid the huge Payza/Alertpay fees and no problems using my Credit Card.

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2 thoughts on “PayZa (Former Alertpay) Support Link

  1. jonathan gonzales says:

    Maybe when all programs have already ignored payza, then i will shut my account down. Since then I only keep small amound of $$ in payza and use STP as much as possible. I had a support ticket pending for 2months now and another one created two weeks ago still no answer. I find Payza not reliable these days but considering other/new programs still use it make me stick to it somehow. Its good to know that serious programs are starting to use a private e-wallet to avoid future problems that might be caused by this e-currency.

  2. Many programs are not using Payza anymore, the fact that they freeze a big portion of the funds coming into the sellers account is a big concern.

    Also they disabled Credit Card transactions for over 7 months and they were still freezing funds to “protect” themselves from chargeback, but if there are no CC transactions, how can there be chargeback?

    I am also hearing a lot about Support tickets not being answered, I hope they get back on track for their own good or people will just simply move on.

    As you mentioned, many programs are switching to private ewallets like iPayout which indeed causes a sense of relief because they are not fully banking on ecurrency.