Perfect Money Not Accepting USA Customers

Perfect Money Policy Changes

Perfect Money Not Accepting
USA Members

Obviously pushed by what just happened with Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money updated it’s policy and is no longer accepting registrations from individuals or companies that are USA based.

I don’t know what will happen to those that are USA citizens and already have an account there but the update clearly targets new registrations, maybe this will be explained better in the future.

Here is the official update :

Recent changes in Perfect Money Policy

Dear Perfect Money Customers,

We bring to your attention that due to changes in our policy we forbid new registrations from individuals or companies based in the United States of America. This includes US citizens residing overseas. If you fall under the above mentioned category, please do not register an account with us.

We apologize for inconvenience caused.

In my country we call it “Curarse en salud.”
That’s healing yourself while being healthy, basically avoiding stuff from happening.

You can always use EgoPay as a substitution to Perfect Money.
Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

2 thoughts on “Perfect Money Not Accepting USA Customers

  1. bad news for the insdustry!!!!

  2. the online business industry and internet is pushed back 20 years, first they allow free internet and then impose policies and rules.
    This will only shatter the trust and confidence of the people about earning online.
    If someone thinks they can take the freedom of internet they live in in fools paradise because nobody can stop intelligents from thinking and comeup with solutions.

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