PG 2013 – 2% Daily, No Hassle, No Restart, Everybody Earns

New 2% Daily Program


There is a big buzz going around a new 2% program that will launch on the 9th of this month (May.) I don’t have any inside information but if the admin is the person I think he is then we are in very good hands.

For all my team I will be providing building tools for them to build a downline and get the maximum out of this income opportunity. You know that you can increase your marketing and advertising results by 85% just using a lead capture page and a autoresponder rather than just your referral link.

Keep reading below to get all the details about this new opportunity.
The Advertising & Marketing Tools are ready, scroll down to the bottom of this post for additional information.

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 2% Daily Program Passive Income

2% Daily Passive Income

We all want a hassle free program that works. An admin that we know will stay around, provide support and be pro-active and finally be rewarded for our work.

Here are some of the highlights about this new coming opportunity.

– 2% Daily for everybody.

– SolidTrust Pay, LR, PM & PayZa accepted.

– 4 Levels of Referral Commissions
 Level  1 – 10%  Level 2 – 5%  Level 3 – 3%  Level 2 – 2%

– Shares cost $3 affordable to everyone.

– No Restart, No Ponzi

– Unique Script, 100% Personalized and Secured.

Now let’s review the points above and see what we have.

Admin is trusted (yet to fully confirm).
Major payment processors are accepted making it a global opportunity.
The referral program is huge for all active members.
Shares are extremely inexpensive making this program affordable to everyone.
The script is unique and  secured which means that the admin invested time and money to get this going.
DDOS protection to avoid downtine.
No restart needed, so your income won’t disappear after you have been building it up for months.


Advertising & Marketing Tools

I worked all day long on a simple yet powerful set of tools so you can start pre-building your ‘2% Daily Program’ downline.

By clicking on the link below you will gain access to a Lead Capture Page, Autoresponder plus several banners that you can use to promote right now.

It is easier to get referrals on prelaunch. You can also increase your sign up ratio by up to 95% when using a Lead Capture Page and your upgrade ratio by 70% when using an autoresponder, I have both for you…

Note : You can get the marketing system for free if you join and upgrade using my referral link.



If you have any questions, leave a comment in the section below…
Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

One thought on “PG 2013 – 2% Daily, No Hassle, No Restart, Everybody Earns

  1. So how do you make money if it ISNT a Ponzi and it promises 2% daily with those commissions? What am I buying? What am I selling?

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