PowerX & LEAP by OneX Now Fully Functional

PowerX & LEAP by OneX
Now Fully Functional

LEAP is finally ready and PowerX also. Members will also have access to DirectPay Express (QLxchange Payment Processor) and can already submit their details to register their very own OneX / QLxchange Debit Card.

Yesterday I was able to access my OneX backoffice and upgraded my LEAP account for $49,95, at the time the backoffice was taken down and it has been up and down for the last 24~ hours, now the backoffice is fully working and I have been able to access it for several hours without interruption.

You can go now and take a look at the new backoffice and all the new features.

I was able to activate my PowerX Marketing System.
PowerX will give you all the tools you need to markert, advertise and promote your OneX / QLxchange business.

You get it as soon as you pay for your LEAP membership (Leverage Earnings & Acceleration Plan), it features a professional Lead Capture Page System, Autoresponder with Follow Up Letters & More.

You can take a look at my PowerX link below and if you are not yet a member join through it.

Join Now
Onex by QLxchange – PowerX & LEAP

Or you can join DIRECTLY by going to

The system is really nice and customizable and you don’t get just 1 page to choose from you get several pages, you can upload your photos, edit your contact info and much more, you really have to check it out by yourself but I have to admit that this is a great system.

To upgrade your LEAP account you need to follow few steps.
1 – Login to your backoffice.
2 – Click on the LEAP tab and then on Purchase LEAP.
3 – You will have to fund your QLreserve first using either Credit Card or Solid Trust Pay.
For that just do the following.
1 – Login
2 – Click on Finances
3 – Under QLreserve tab click on Deposit Funds.

This was just a quick update about LEAP.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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