Primus Hub Shares & Wealth4AllTeam Update

Primus Hub Shares

Wealth4All Team Is Gone!

There are still way too many questions around about Primus Hub and Wealth4AllTeam. I want to shed some lights on what is going on in general and keep you up to date with everything.

I also want to share my personal opinion on the Wealth4AllTeam shares that they are selling now for $25 each and the whole Primus Hub program. I am definitely not happy as there was way too much deception going on in the W4AT background. You can tell by listening to the recorded conference call where everything that was said in the past was denied and a more realistic view is added to the program.

The first fact that people need to grasp is that Wealth4AllTeam is gone. The only reason why the website is still up is because all the stats and members information is there, as soon as everyone is paid out then the website will be completely removed. So keep this in mind, Wealth4AllTeam is over, no more cycling every 10 days, no more passive income, no more Advertising Units, etc.


Wealth4AllTeam Shares & Advertising Units

W4AT management made several promises to their membership on the Oct. 13th conference call, and the main and most important of these promises are the following :

1 – Everyone will receive the money they spent in Wealth4AllTeam provided they are not in profit.

2 – The Advertising Units will be paidout @ $0.90 each over time.

3 – Members are able to purchase Primus Hub shares @ $25.00 each, that will share in a monthly pool of 10% of the Primus Hub profits.

Let’s go through each one of these to know exactly how things will go.

FIRST : If you are not in profit in Wealth4AllTeam you are entitled to receive your funds back if you choose to but there is a problem. Only those members with $50usd or less can make a full cashout, anyone with $51usd or more can only withdraw 10% of their total available balance.

So members were told that they were going to be able to withdraw but only 10% is available. The funds in your backoffice can be used to purchase Primus Hub shares, since most people will either get desperate or wont want to leave the funds just sitting there, they will purchase shares which we don’t know when they will start to pay nor how much, so basically the funds are locked.

Note : Other Wealth4AllTeam members noticed that over 10% can be withdrawn from your balance but this is more likely a glitch and will be corrected soon if not already.

Bottom on the 1st point – You can only withdraw 10% of what you spent in Wealth4AllTeam if you have over $51usd in your balance.
iPayout funds are fully available for withdrawal.

SECOND : The promised everything that the Advertising Units (AU’s) will be paid out at their normal value which is $0.90 each. This is something that is pending and yet to be seen.

THIRD : This is the most important part for me and I will share with you what I learned from the conference call.

Wealth4AllTeam management are encouraging members to purchase shares for $25.00 each. These shares are going to be paid out from a pool that will come from a 10% of all the profit generated through Primus Hub.

In the conference call they mention that it will be paid monthly and if you have thousands of shares it can add up to something nice. But here is the catch.

The guy talking on the call (whos name I don’t know) mentions that the shares can be anything from $0.10, to $0.20 to any amount and when they get GOOD they might pay up to $1,00 or more. Now what we don’t see is how much each share costs. 1 Primus Hub share costs and that is $25.00. So even if the shares were at their best as explained on the conference call, $1 monthly per share would mean waiting 25 months just to get your money back.

That is if they can keep program growing every single month which I doubt is the case. About 99% of the marix programs I’ve joined in the past decade all start hot and then start to slow down until everyone quits. Those that last the longest being hot are around for 6-9 months. The rest slow down just after 1-3 months and people move on.

I am not saying that Primus Hub is a bad choice but is simply a 2×20 forced matrix and you know that people will move on and you will be stuck now with Thousands more in shares that will be worth nothing.

My suggestion is, to Not buy these shares and just wait out and see if they refund you whatever amount you are due.

I just wanted to share that small suggestion with you. Hold up on the shares. We don’t know much about them.

As per Primus Hub, it isn’t a passive income program like Wealth4AllTeam was. There is spillover because it’s a forced matrix but it only happens to 20% of the members and it should be considered a bonus. On top of that you can get thousands of members from spillover but you will still need 2 paid direct referrals to qualify for earnings.

Even in the case that you receive 10, 20 or even 50 referrals from spillover that can amount to up to $50usd depending on the payplan. If level 1 pays $0.20 per member and you get two members from spillover that’s a total of $0.40.

My point is to not bank on that.

That’s all I wanted to share.

For any comments or questions use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santan (skype : strosdegoz)


11 thoughts on “Primus Hub Shares & Wealth4AllTeam Update

  1. I share your thoughts on Primus Hub/Wealth4All completely. Most of the members are very disappointed at what has transpired, but there are always still the cheerleaders.

  2. Dirson Your insight is correct what is your thoughts on the amazingmoneymagnet
    program coming out?

  3. I got my ten percent back but spent 80% in shares because I didn’t know I could get more out. I have now though sent for my third withdrawal so will get around 1k out over the next few days o can incubate some of that to start Adit. I do hope something good comes of it though as I have a large 3k sitting in shares lol so am hoping for the best but thanks for your candid assessment..It is always nice to read different reviews.

  4. Where do you go to buy the shares?

  5. I spent all my available cash on I can only regret what I have done! Too sad!

  6. I very much enjoy your blog and I would like to reference your blog on mine. I agree that we don’t know the value of the shares, Victor said on the Oct17th call that shares will be worth $2 per day, and within a few months $4.60 per day, and that within a year $10-$15 per day per share. I personally choose to believe that we should only assume that each share will generate .50cents per day (conservatively), and they will be sharing 15% of the profits generated by PRIMUS programs.

    I just wish Admin corrected the missing funds, as they had an issue with IPAYOUT being hacked. Dave Lockwood’s IPAYOUT was hacked and cleaned out of $1296 months ago, to date his account has NOT been corrected.

  7. Jennie Middllemass says:

    I am also disapoinmted in Primus Hub. My problem is ,I have been unable to even get into my website for the last 2 to 3 weeks, I have sent many tickets to try to0 get this fixed but nothing is happening. I did get my profits back from the company and bought some shares. Now in able to get the money from the AU’s I have to upgrade to Gold Member by the 15th. of Dec. which leaves me with 4 days to get this done. I don’t know what will happen to my shares if I don’t get my account working and I will probably loose my AU funds.

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