Profitable Sunrise Official Update

Profitable Sunsire from Roman Novak

Just few hours ago I sent an update to my entire list ( ) which contained information about several programs including Profitable Sunrise.

I mentioned about the official update from Roman Novak and this update came in just hours ago.

North Carolina in the United States sent a Cease and Desist order to Roman Novak and his company for dealing with unregistered security.

Here is the official update from Roman Novak – Profitable Sunsire about this issue.
I don’t know how this solves anything but check it out…

My Dear Friends,

It is been a really long time since I last spoke to you by means of a personal message. A lot of very important developments have take place in the course of the last several months. I felt that it is the time for you to hear my mind on them.

Thanks to your valued support my business has grown really big and strong. This would not have been possible without you. The growth has brought about the necessity to streamline my business model, cut the administrative costs and comply with the tax authorities. They have already asked us about the interest we pay you. This has led to a very important decision to do away with third party payment processors. I am hereby announcing that we have started moving away from payment processors for withdrawals in favor of direct bank wires. By doing so we are literally killing 2 birds with one stone. First, you avoid the fees processors charge. Second, you comply with the IRS. We will simply specify in every payment what it is for and where is comes from so IRS will have no problem collecting taxes. It has always been my honest belief that we need to pay all the taxes. 

I am anxiously looking forward to the Easter week, I am sure you are too. We are working on new offers and plans that will be announced after Easter.

Profitable Sunsire Shutting Down

Stay Blessed,
Roman Novak,
Founder - Profitable Sunrise

I don’t see how cutting the payment processors solve the cease and desist order issue but we will known soon.

I am going to go ahead and say that Profitable Sunrise might have until the end of the month or mid-late April before it is completely shut down.

The IRS exist and works only in the USA, so changing from Payment Processors to Bank Wires to make the IRS happy doesn’t make much sense as the world does not work based on the IRS needs. Other countries such as mine, do not have any problems with payment processors nor any other type of payments.

Just sharing the update for those that didn’t get it.

I don’t know which way this will go but this is definitely the beginning of the end. As usual withdraw your initial purchase as soon as possible and then play with the profit.

Do not spend bill money ( Money that you can’t afford to loose ), into this or any other HYIP or High risk program.

Any questions or comments please use the section below.

Dirson Jimenez
Skype : strosdegoz


12 thoughts on “Profitable Sunrise Official Update

  1. Thanks for informing. You are always helpful. I am following your blog for the past 3 months. You are really a great networker.

  2. Pretty good comment stros, I follow you since MMG times when fast HYIPs were okay for making money. You are great leader, congratz!

  3. I believe the same thing…maybe bank wire should be done for people in USA but not to all international members since we are not under the rules of the IRS. Besides, I am lead to believe that PS and Roman are both not based in USA so why this kind of reaction is kind of perplexing…not unless of course Roman is using this order from North Carolina’s AG as a lame excuse to restrict the outflow of funds. But that is just tantamount to killing the program because doing so would definitely cut the confidence level enjoyed by the program for many months.

  4. thanks for the advise Dirson Jimenez

  5. william the conqueror says:

    you donot know what you are talking about!!! its all good!!! i am using easter gift for charitable work in belize

  6. did any body know how we can get our money back?

  7. i send all ready 3 messages , and they been erase .

  8. any body can update me how we get our money back from profitable sun rise?

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