Programs Update (WNP, BannersBroker, CWC, OneX, AutoXTen & DailyPlayer)

Hello everyone,

It has been few days since my last post and I want to give out some good and bad news. I will start with the good the bad ones.

– Good News –

The good news are OneX and AutoXTen, it turned out that both programs exceeded my expectations and are doing pretty well, you can choose to join any of the two for a very small One Time Fee, $5 and $10 respectively  and start to earn commissions almost instantly.

Those are not passive income programs, you need to work in order to get paid but let me tell you that is worth it.
The same strategy that I was using for WNP (will let you know in the bad news, why I am using ‘was’) can be used with both this programs but with a lot more success and let me tell you why.

First the strategy is based on Paying It Forward (PIF) for 4 members, which is your front line in a 4×4 matrix since OneX and AutoXTen both pay 100% commissions on your first four referrals (first level) you can get your entire investment back by just pifing the members, that means that you can get four paid direct referrals totally free, you would only pay a small transaction fee to get those four members under you and as soon as you upgrade them you earn the full amount back, which can be used to upgrade to the next level, when they do the same you start earning bigger commissions from higher levels. This is the best strategy ever, in both programs it would cost you a total of $4usd to get this going. In the worst case scenario you can still break even with just 1 referral.

BannersBroker. A true stable passive income now paying over 8 months.
They had some glitches that are now all solved and I also received my pending withdrawals today, make sure to look for additional information by clicking on the title if you are looking for a passive income.

BB added some new payment processor to make this program available for even more people.
Now we have available : Alertpay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve, WellsFargo (USA) and ICICI Bank (India).

This is an amazing improvement.


– Bad News –

The program I had the highest hope (WeNetProfits) made a turn for the worst, they changed the “One Time Payment” to a Monthly subscription which makes our team plan unsustainable the reason being that the thing we needed the most for our team strategy to work is time to get four pifs for everyone and with a monthly subscription of $22usd that won’t be possible as members would be charged over and over while they wait for their pifs.

That is why I will be implementing the same plan for OneX & AutoXTen, one time payment, low cost and break even with your first referral. Also the four members you pif will come to you at zero cost.

The passive program I am advertising the harder is going through some growing pains which is totally normal… I am talking about Centurion Wealth Circle. These type of programs have different phases when they launch, they have a big boom at launch then some slow times and as soon as they are stable they become unstoppable for a very long term. Admin said that the sales decreased more than expected but he is working in the background to get this solved, lots of suggestions are coming from members including myself such as reducing the positions cap to 300% and most important a monthly subscription fee to help with the cycling, more details will be shared in the next update.

Important Update : I read on the MMG forum that there is going to be a voting poll to choose what are going to be the next improvements to the program, I would vote for the highest available monthly membership subscription fee and the lowest possible CAP for position, we want a long term passive income program and not just a come & go.



I joined DailyPlayer which is another passive income program paying around 10% daily and a minimum of 2.5% per day no matter what happens but I didn’t promote it, you can have access to it here.

For questions or comments is the section below :

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana a.k.a. strosdegoz


2 thoughts on “Programs Update (WNP, BannersBroker, CWC, OneX, AutoXTen & DailyPlayer)

  1. The very last testimonial on CWC home page – no payout for over a week if this is it will exit. – no comment

    • That is definitely not true, everyone is getting paid.
      I have a downline of 500 referrals and everyone with a pending payment got paid yesterday when the payments were processed.

      You can check MMG and see all of the members posting their payment proof, they complain about slow cycles which is being work but not 1 about a missing payment.