Promising Long Term Hyips (Eagles Investment, Earning Alliance, Malaysian INC)

Promising Long Term Hyips

Stable Hyips

I already added several programs to the DNM.ME Hyip Monitor and all of these are very promising hyips (You can find them all below and join.)

For me a promising hyip is one that has a plan that can be sustainable for a long time. A long time time for a hyip is anything over 6 months in my opinion.

One good example is the now deceased profitable sunrise which lasted over 470 days. The investment plans paid a huge 2.10% and even with that high payout it lasted that long.

It is indeed a long time because you can breakeven in just 50 days, the remaining 420 days can be pure profit. Depending on your strategy and your risk level you can earn life changing incomes if you catch one of these hyips in their early stages.

Remember that you can and will find all the hyips that I am involved in, in my Hyip monitor.

IMPORTANT : Hyip programs come and go and are extremely risky, before joining any program below always make sure to check the program status (Paying, Problem, Closed, Waiting or Scam) at the Hyip Monitor.


Promising, Long Term Hyips

Yesterday I wrote 7 Tips to be Successful in Hyips. One of these tips pointed out the importance of the “investment plans” which is the daily % they pay.

All the High Yield Investment Programs that stay around for years always pay low % compared to other hyips. That is anything around 0.5% to 2.15%. So it is safe to say that the most promising are those that are using those type of plans and at the same time invest money into advertising, invest on their website design, script, support and all the rest.

Here is a list of those hyips.
Note : This are just a few, to encourage diversifying I will be adding more over time, including those higher risk one where you need to get in and get out as fast as possible.

Earning Alliance

I like the look and feel of Earning Alliance, the website looks ok and the script works flawlessly so far.

This program has been around since March-28th-2013 and accepts all the hyips major payment processors. EgoPay, SolidTrust Pay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

Investment Plans
Basic   ::::::::::: $10 – $999     1.25%     180 business days
Advanced  ::::: $1,000 – $4,999     1.50%     180 business days
Professional ::  $5000 – $14,999     1.80%     180 business days
Deluxe  :::::::::  $15,000 – $100,000     2.15%     180 business days

6.5% Three Levels Affiliate (Referral) Program
Level 1 = 4%
Level 2 = 1.5%
Level 3 = 1%

Compound is also available and you will get your principal back after 180 days.

Eagles Investments

I love the look of the Eagles Investment website, they are pretty neat. The plans offered and features as well.

This one has a really nice feature where you can pull out your principal with a 25% fee. But if you have been earning for 100 days and you want it back then it is definitely a good choice since you would already be in profit.

Payment processors accepted are : EgoPay, SolidTrust Pay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

Investment Plans – 180 business days.
Verreaux’s ::: $10 – $1,000 (1.8%)     
Crested  :::::: $1,001 – $5,000 (2.3%)     
Golden  ::::::: $5,001 – $20,000 (3.0%)     
Balden   :::::: +$20,001 (4.0%)

5% Referral Commissions, Compound, Fast Withdrawal. etc.

Malaysian INC

I also recommend Malaysian INC which is hot at the moment and the compensation plan (investment plan) pay for a shorter time frame and give you your principal back faster.

So you can put in a nice amount and get your money back in few weeks or month or you can also decide to go for the long term and get paid at a higher ratio.

They accept : Liberty Reserve, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and Perfect Money with Instant Withdrawals.

3 Levels of Referral Commissions

Investment Plans
Basic ::::::::: 1.62% – 2.06% for 15 days
Regular ::::: 1.8% – 2.18% for 30 days
Premium ::: 2.15% – 2.43% for 60 days
Excellent ::: 2.63% – 2.95% for 120 days



Remember to diversify your money between all these hyips to lower your risks and increase your chances of coming out a winner.

HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) can be really profitable and the effort is literally Zero, since there is no sponsoring, promoting or advertising related to earn but you have to take that risk.

If you have any questions or comments please use the section below.

Feel free to contact me and make sure to subscribe to the Donothingmoney Newsletter and the DNM.ME Updates.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

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