Scam Warning : AdMediaProfit, Life Conectar, AdWillGain + MicroAdShare

*AdMediaProfit *Life Conectar *AdwillGain

AdMediaProfit Scam Team

The infamous AdMediaProfit admin team is publicly at it once again. AdMediaProfit after being a fully support, fast growing and high “paying” program felt down like a rock. Not because there was no growth, or the revenue share stalled but because the administration team took off with the money.

The AdMediaProfit admin stopped paying 3 weeks ago and even to the date he is still on the forums promising people that payments will go out “tomorrow”, the problem is that there are no payments and he has been saying tomorrow for the past three weeks.

The reason why AMP didn’t ran its course instead it became a scam because all the members have pending withdrawals and the admin has proven to be a full time liar.

After ~3 weeks of no payout AdMediaProfit haven’t yet updated their website with an official update. So there are thousands of members that do not know that the program isn’t paying anymore.

The admin even after claiming that he will do refund and that the program is dead it is still taking deposits. So on one hand he claims that he is going to set everything right and on the other hand no payments but still taking deposits from unsuspecting members.

Last but not least the admin launched a new program and has a new one on sight for just two days away. That was just a little background for those not informed, proof included below.

This is a SCAM WARNING for the following programs :

AVOID the following programs :

1 – AdmediaProfit – Proven Scam (NOT PAYING)
You can read all the details here.

2 – Life Conectar – Same admin team as Admediaprofit
You can read more details here.

3 – AdWillGain – Same admin team as AdmediaProfit & Life Conectar
Stay Away, the admin of AMP confirmed this is one of his scams.

Some unsuspecting members will definitely get involved in one or more of this programs so make sure to spread the word about them. I am actively posting on forums and many others are actively warning the rest of you of who is really behind the scenes.

MicroAdShare is run by the same group who ran CashAds, SolidGain Advertising and UTSProfitAds, after UTS the other two programs only lasted few hours and they already have this new one called MicroAdShare, you can avoid that as well.

The reason why we lost so many people and the industry is going down is because of all these scammer admins not running a fair game. After the crack down of liberty reserve it looks like all the hyips scammer moved from the hyips section to the hybrid / cyclers / matrix / PTA’s section and are wrecking havoc. We need not to support these admins instead we need to expose them to get them off the game and have trusted admins running the programs we join.

Make sure to share this with everyone you know so they can avoid these programs.

Use the comment section if you want to report a scam and keep other safe from childish, disrespectful, greedy, scammy admins.

Have A Blessed Day!
Owen Brown
3 John II

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