Slow Days

Slow Days

The last several days have been really slow and not much going on in the online community and specially the programs that we are in and that is why not many updates have been written here.

Bidify is launching tomorrow (15th April) so now is the only and last chance to join and avoid the new 100euro joining fee. Also the penny auction will start which also gives birth to the daily profit share.

T2MoneyKlub and Compound150 payments are on hold due to the fact that some double payments went out through Alertpay, this happened not only in these programs but all around the net, as soon as the double payments are reversed the withdrawals will resume.

Update : All pending payments have been processed. Check the latest post for more information.

OneXPRO launch was extended and members still have the chance to upgrade in pre-launh for few more days, so if you want to join that one the time is now.

OnFireMatrix, it looks like the cycling here slowed down or somehow they found a way to remove the innactive members from the companywide spillover, this is just a guess but is one of the two as people are not cycling as they were just days ago. On a positive note, I tried iPayout which is the only withdrawal method available now and my withdrawal went smooth all the way to my bank.

I will be making a major announcement once Bidify launches and as usual keep YOU updated with everything that is going on in the Online Money Making industry and post new Advertising Guides, Strategies, Tutorials and Tips.

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