Social Bookmarking Websites Submission Automated

Social Bookmarking Websites AutomatedNow that you learned what Social Bookmarking websites are and how to generate free traffic and gain exposure with them (Here) let’s show you how to automate this process. In this post I will give you step by step instructions on how to set up a program called OnlyWire to post in all of your Social Bookmarks website on Autopilot without having to go to each website manually.

This is a very simple process and will consist of two main steps. The first will be the set-up process which is done once and the second one will be the posting process which is the one you will use each time you want to place a website on dozens of Social Bookmark websites without having to do it yourself.This Guide will save you tons of time and the annoying process of clicking and filling up the info on each website.

We will be using – OnlyWire

Step 1 – Go to and Sign-Up for an account, it’s free.

Step 2 – First of all we need their OnlyWire software to be able to send the bookmakrs on autopilot! Click on “Start” on the menu and follow the first step that says “Install the OnlyWire submitter on your computer”. The rest of the process is explained there but I will still give you step by step instructions here. Download and Install the program.

Step 3 – Now on the menu click on “Services”. You will have a list of all of the most famous and used Social Bookmarking websites on the internet, you will surely recognize, Digg, Twitter, Buzz, FB, etc.

I highly recommend setting up at least 10 services, if you are not a member of those services you can sign up one by one and then input your login details. This is a one time process once you join all of the services that you want to use and safe your password you are done.

Step 4 – This is the step you will repeat each and every time you make a new post on your blog or website, to make it easier I took a screen shot to show you exactly how it looks. So fill up all the information and click on “Post” make sure to have the OnlyWire submitter software running or else your website won’t be submitted.

OnlyWire Social Bookmarking Website Submitter


With the above step you are all set, some of the social bookmark website’s have a Captcha to avoid exactly what we are doing here, which is Auto-submissions. If you joined some of those websites you will get the Captcha in a pop-up for you to fill. *A captcha is an image with random numbers used to verify that the submission is being made by a person and not a program.

You can also check the stats of the submissions by clicking on the History tab.

I use this service each time I make a post and as soon as I hit the publish bottom here, will use this tool to get this post seem by everyone.

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If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

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