SolidTrust Pay International Debit MasterCard (Review)

SolidTrust Pay International Mastercard
Debit Card – Review

STP Debit Card Introduction

SolidTrust Pay launched a new intentional debit card from Mastercard back in December 2012. I ordered my debit card as soon as possible and will now share all the details with you.

International members at STP only had the option to withdraw using their Credit Cards or Bank Wire. Bank Wire has a high fee and not everyone is willing to share their credit card info, so this new debit card comes as a great solution and additional withdrawal option. Faster and less expensive.

I personally ordered mine because I can withdraw directly from any ATM machine avoiding all the high fees that are related with bank wire transactions. Having this new option will save me an average of $70usd per withdrawal request (quite a lot if you ask me).


STP Debit Card Shipping & Price

I first applied for my STP International Mastercard Debit Card on December 13th, 2012. I knew it was going to be long before I received my card due to the holidays.

The cost to order the card is $85 through normal mail and around $150 through Fedex.

I ordered the $85 one and the card finally arrived on the 31st January.

If you think about it, it actually took some time, around 48 days but I was expecting that.

STP request the card from the provider directly to their address and then they ship it to their customers.

When I received the card on the letter, the shipping date was showing as the 10th January. So considering that I received on the 31st Jan 2013, it was actually really fast to be international shipping and made a stop on the way.

As soon as your card ships, you receive an email from the bank (Loyalbank where your card comes from) containing a pass code and some additional information, save this email for later use. You will need the code to login to your bank account and activate your card once you receive it.

Conclusion – STP international mastercard

Card costs : $85 or $150 depending on the shipping method you choose.
Shipping time : 2-6 weeks depending when you ordered your card.

Here is a picture a took of my card.

SolidTrust Pay Debit Card - International STP Mastercard - STP Debit Master Card

STP Debit Card Instructions

There is a set of instructions that you need to follow once you get your card to be able to use it.

These instructions are very simple and are only a one time process.

The main use of your Debit Card is to easily withdraw funds that you have on your SolidTrust Pay account without having to pay big fees or wait long time frames to get the money. But you can also use your LoyalBank account (which you get when you order the card) to make wire transfer and other types of bank transactions.

Here are the step by step instructions to activate your STP International Mastercard Debit Card.

1 – As soon as your card ships you will receive an email from Loyalbank containing a code (IAC – Internet Access Code), save this email as you will need the code when you receive your card.

2 – Once you receive your card you will know your Customer ID #. Go to the Loyalbank website and login using your Customer ID# and IAC. You will be asked to make up a password which will be your permanent login.

3 – Once in your back office, click on “Bank Cards” on the left menu and then “Card Activation”. This will activate your card, it should only take few hours.
3a – You can also de-activate your card on that same menu in case you loose it.

4 – Now your Loyalbank account is ready and your card activated.
Go to your SolidTrust Pay backoffice and click on “My Banks & Cards” and then “View Credit & Debit Cards”. Click on “Click here to add your card” and add your Debit Card and make sure to choose the right type from the drop down menu.

5 – You are done. You can now withdraw to your debit card by following the normal withdrawal steps.

Pretty easy! If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact me or leave a comment.


STP Debit Card Advantages

I see many advantages in having the STP Debit Card vs using the usual bank wire withdrawal feature.

STP International Debit Card advantages :

1 – Fast withdrawals. I did a test withdrawal on the 5th Feb. and today (6th Feb.) the money was already available in my debit card. In my STP backoffice the transaction is still showing as pending but the money has already been withdrawing from the cashier. My bankwire withdrawals normally take anywhere from 5-14 calendar days.

2 – Lower fees. For a bankwire withdrawal I have to pay $40usd fee + $25usd fee when it lands on my bank and another $5usd fee which my bank takes just to become a little bit richer. That’s $70usd.

With the STP International Debit Card the fee is only $5 to withdraw and $2.5 to hit the cashier. That’s it. My bank takes another $3 per transaction but that is still nothing compared to the wire cost.

3 – More privacy. By withdrawing through the cashier the bank doesn’t have to know every single penny that I make, so this gives me more privacy.

This post will definitely go through some fine tuning and corrections but now I am really busy and will publish it the way it is now.

If you see any typos, grammar errors, etc. Feel free to send in your suggestions.

I hope you find this information useful.

If you have any questions feel free to contact or use the comment section below.

I will reply ASAP!

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz

20 thoughts on “SolidTrust Pay International Debit MasterCard (Review)

  1. Thanks Dirson

  2. good info dirson…but can indian people use this card that i need to know?

    • I don’t know how STP works in India but is easy to figure it out.

      Please follow my for a minute and reply back with what you find out.

      1 – Login to your stp account.
      2 – Click on “My Banks and Cards” and then click on “STPay Debit Cards”
      3 – Look for either the “International Mastercard” all the way to the right or the “Discover Card”.

      Let me know if you see it there.

      If you do then, Indians can use this method.

      Please post the results as this can help others with the same question.


  3. thanks for info but i think payoneer is better and cheaper

  4. Hello. Does STP work well for those residing in the USA?

  5. There is an issue with the STP Debit Card funding. Here is the latest update which I received just now.

    ” We have just been informed that there seems to be another delay in the
    INTL Debit Card funding. We are working on getting this resolved as
    soon as possible. We have had to take another route to get the bank
    wire to Loyal Bank. The funding for your card
    will be available by March 5th or the 6th.

    Once again we are extremely sorry for the delay and any inconveniences
    this may have caused. Your patience is greatly appreciated.



  6. I got paid to my STP Debit Card. It looks like everything is back to normal. I made another withdrawal today, so will see how long this one takes and post an update.

  7. Hi,

    is this bank account fully functional and I can make deposits trough wire transfer also? When I transfer money from my STP acc. is money visible on my bank acc.?

    Best regards

  8. Hello. Does STP work well for those residing in the INDIA?

  9. did they work out all the hick ups?

  10. Karthik Keyan says:

    Hi, The information u gave about stp card is very useful and How much they charge for deposit fund through stp card?

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