SolidTrust Pay New Look & STP Debit Cards

SolidTrust Pay New Look & STP Debit Cards

SolidTrust Pay New Look

I am a fan of good looking websites and SolidTrust Pay did a great job upgrading their website look. After I don’t know how many years finally STP delivers a new website design and look.

Not only SolidTrustPay is offering a new website look, it is also offering new features, easier navigation plus an incredible new feature which is a Debit Card for international members.

With PayZa going through lots of security issues and verification problems, SolidTrustPay became the #1 (most used) payment processor for Online Income Opportunities.

There were definitely tons of growing pain but so far things are working great and my money feels safe when its sitting in my STP account.

SolidTrustPay New Logo - StP New Look - Solid Trust Pay New Design

Above you can see the SolidTrust Pay new logo and by clicking in it, you can check the new website and sign up for an account if you don’t have one yet. Even though PayZa is acting up, I still recommend having a PayZa account, an STP account and also a Liberty Reserve account. The more the better. It’s always good to have several options just in case.


SolidTrust Pay International Debit Card

SolidTrust Pay International Debit Card really came as a surprise to me. I was looking badly forward to this feature and checking for new options in the backoffice I found the “Buy STP Debit Cards” link.

Just few months ago STP introduced the USA Payroll Card which is mandatory for USA members to withdraw their STP balance.

Now they have two additional debit cards : The Discover Card & International Mastercard

SolidTrust Pay USA Payroll Debit Card SolidTrust Pay Discover Debit Card SolidTrust Pay International Mastercard Debit Card

The USA Payroll Card is already available and the Discover and International Mastercard will be available on the 1st December.

I will be ordering my STP Debit Card as soon as it is available and share the details.

Below you can see the SolidTrust Pay International Mastercard features, benefits & fees.

Features & Benefits

* pay as you go – YOU are in control of all your spending
* NO credit check required; photo ID and address verification only *
* immediate access to your cash at any ATM worldwide in local currencies**
* use online or offline for convenient, secure transactions
* cool benefit here
* the lowest available fees for this product type (card/bank account combination)!
* load the card quickly and easily from your SolidTrust Pay account
* instant Card to Card transfers to other cardholders – perfect for sharing with family and business associates
* more cool benefits


* Card purchase cost: $ (includes all postage, activation & registration fees)
* Monthly maintenance fee: $5.00
* Card to card transfer fee: $1.50
* ATM cash withdrawal fee: $3.50
* POS (point of sale) fee: 1% or purchase price to a maximum of $10
* Maximum daily ATM withdrawal: $5,000
* Maximum running card balance: $30,000
* Load from SolidTrust Pay balance: $5.00 standard / $5.00 + 2% for INSTANT

1st December… Really looking forward to that.

Please leave your comments in the section below.

Any questions feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
Skype : strosdegoz
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17 thoughts on “SolidTrust Pay New Look & STP Debit Cards

  1. Danilo Morales Guinea says:

    Me interesa ganar dinero. Si usted tiene alguna manera de hacer que los dólares lleguen a mis manos, le voy agradecer en el alma. Atentamente….

  2. excellent , i need

  3. Patrick Chicas says:

    DURA Automotive

  4. check eForexGold debit card that can be funded with Solidtrustpay

  5. Hi Dirson, You finally ordered your International Debit Card? If so I’m interested… how it goes?

    • Still waiting for it. I ordered the card on the 13th and it has to be first shipped to SolidTrust Pay and then they ship to me, so it can take a while.

      I already received several emails from the Bank that issues the card. I think that anytime now I will receive my card.

      As soon as I have the STP International Debit Card I will write a full review.

  6. Hi I am interested in getting the STPay USA Payroll Card… does anyone know which bank they use? Don’t want to get burned like last time 🙂

  7. The site i use to check my stp debit card funds has been down for a week…anyone else?

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