StarCityAds Unique Straight Line Passive Advertising Cycler – EXPLAINED

StarCityAds StraightLine
+ 2×2 Forced Matrix Cycler

StarCity Introduction

Update 18th May : Before you decide to join and upgrade on StarCityAds, please take a look at the numbers analyzed so you can make a more informed decision.

StarCityAds is a new program with an unique compensation plan. It has an unique Straight Line compensation plan mixed with a 2×2 Randomized Matrix that will launch on the 20th May.

I started with a small deposit and bought 6 positions. Within minutes I was earning so went ahead and decided to purchase an additional 10 spots including some matrix spots in anticipation for the launch.

Update : I keep on earinng every few minutes which leads me to increase my number of positions even higher. I want to aim to have 100 but first start 20 and grow slowly from that point on.

Keep reading below so you can understand how the StarCityAds compensation plan and program works. What you get for your money and what you can expect.

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StarCity StarCityAds Brand New Passive Program


StarCityAds Review

Here I will explain the product and compensation plan in details. The fact that the matrix is randomized is great, you can buy the 20,000th member to purchase a matrix position yet get the #10 spot.

Let me repeat that small bit once again.

You can be the last member to purchase a matrix position and still get the very first spot (after the reserved spots). This means that you can join now and purchase 100 positions and have the chance of being one of the first, in the middle and at the end of the 2×2 forced matrix line.

The website script is custom made. It looks a bit complicated at first but once you get a hang of it everything works fine. Having a custom script to me is a great sign, it just means that the admins invested time and money to get things right and done specially for them and us.

The Product

There are two sides to the compensation plan. A StraightLine and a 2×2 Company Forced Matrix.

You can purchase positions for only $10.50usd and each time you purchase a position in either one you will get the following benefits (this is on top of the income opportunity.)

Public Profile Pages, 125×125 Banner Ads, 468×60 Banner Ads, 670×620 Banner Ads, Text Ads, FREE Banner Maker, Get Paid to view Ads

In the near future additional products will be available such as : Solo ads, more get paid to view ads and much more.


The Compensation Plan

This is where things become interesting, profitable and for some confusing. It is actually quite easy to understand if you break it down into pieces.

There are two different income streams with this compensation plan.
The Straight Line Advertising Package & The Matrix Advertising Package.

The first thing you need to know is that both income streams are actually straight line since the matrix is a company forced. What this means is that there is no sponsoring required to earn, ZERO.

You can participate in this program, purchase advertising positions and you will earn even without referring others due to the way the payplan works.

* Straight Line Advertising Package

Each position in the straight line costs $10.50 usd. Once you purchase a position they are added into a short queue and then added to the line.

Whenever a position is added to the line 40 spots are going to earn $0.25 each. When the line is completed it starts paying from the start.

Your positions in the Straight Line Advertising Package never expire, so you will be earning indefinitely out of this one. If you are thinking about the wait getting long, or stalling, forget about that. The next income stream will make you even more money and at the same time push the Straight Line to keep it going.


* Matrix Advertising Package

I will call this part the icing on the cake. First there is no rush which is great.

Like I explained earlier, you can be the last person to purchase a position in the matrix yet get the first available spot. Why? Because it is 100% randomized which means that they give out the spots randomly.

So if you joined yesterday or will join tomorrow there is ZERO problem or RUSH.

The Matrix is set to launch on the 20th May. Even though this is based on a 2×2 and then 1×2, it requires no sponsoring as it is a company forced matrix. Below you can see the payout.

This is the only part in the program where referral commissions are paid.

No stalling once again as once you hit cycle Level 3 you are required to set up a weekly subscription that buys additional spot and helps your old, new, other members and referral positions to cycle.

Here is the payout for the matirx. The cost is $10.50 per position just like in the Straight Line.

Condo Level 1 (2×2)
$10.00 to Members AB (cash)
$30.00 into Tower Level 2

Tower Level 2 (2×2)
$10.00 reentry into Condo Level 1
$10.00 To Members Account Balance (cash)
$100.00 Entry into Skyscraper Level 3

Skyscraper Level 3 (1×2)
40.00 (4) reentries into Condo Level 1
10.00 to your enroller (referral bonus) (cash)
40.00 (4) Red Carpet Premiere Straight Line Advertising Packages
Plus $100.00 to members Account Balance (cash)
Set up an internal subscription for 10.50

All Subscriptions will be pulled from your Account Balance and are due on a WEEKLY basis. It is up to each member to keep their account properly funded in order to keep their account current. Should you allow one subscription to lapse, your positions in the matrix will be removed.

It is up to you to know when your subscriptions are due, we will not email you as email is unreliable. You will need to log in and check your account regularly.

Note : Before anyone has to set up a subscrition in the matrix they would have earn ~$120 in payouts and 5 re-entries into level 1.

When you reach and Cycle Matrix Line Level 3 you will be automatically charged $10.5 before you earn the $100 cycling bonus. So it is extremely important to have available balance when you reach Level 3 as the amount for the subscription is taken out automatically. No need to worry as you will have enough balance from your Level 1 and 2 cycle to cover that last step, just make sure to have it available.

To me this sounds like a very good compensation plan.

For every Level 3 Matrix  spot that cycles, 160 Straight Line spots will be paid adding lots of speed and momentum to the Straight Line.

Keep in mind that re-entries into the other matrix line levels are being purchased and repurchased all the time which increases the cycling speed even more.

With this system the lines will only get faster over time rather than slower.

The timing is right and it is also affordable. You can go for 1 spot in the matrix and 1 spot in the straight line is up to you or you can go big and purchase 10 spots in each line or even 100 spots in each line.

I would suggest to always get in both lines rather than just one.

So if you are going to be spending $1,000usd, I would go for $500 in the Straight Line and $500 in the Matrix Line.

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to try and answer them for you.

Post them below in the comment section so others can read it if they have the same question.
Me Sincerely,
Dirson Jimenez (strosdegoz)
Skype : strosdegoz

6 thoughts on “StarCityAds Unique Straight Line Passive Advertising Cycler – EXPLAINED

  1. Hi Stros,
    Thanks for the very lucid explanation! I was confused about the subscription part and I also hadn’t realized how well these two lines feed each other. This looks real interesting — I’m already in the queue and the straight line, but now I might add as I wasn’t sure what I was committing to with the subscription.
    Peace & blessings,

    • Thanks for your comment, Sooraj.

      The compensation plan definitely looks interesting and depending on how the matrix performs (which looks like is going to be great) we can have a real big winner here.

      I wasn’t sure myself what I got into when I first started but after reading the details I had to share it with everyone.

      See you around.


  2. Just a quick note on the subs and payouts… you actually only earn $20 into your AB BEFORE you need to set up the sub. You need to set up the sub in order to claim that $100 – but that should happen immediately upon setting up the sub. Actually, I believe it happens automatically for you, but not 100% sure on that since it hasn’t started.

  3. Cruz C Bobadilla says:

    Just to make sure I understand this correctly. Do we set up a subscription for each position in the matrix that we purchase and then also for each one of the re entries?

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