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The DoNothingMoney blog (DNM) started as a blog focused on Advertising tutorials, guides, strategies, how to’s with step by step instructions and more.

The goal was to explain and help the readers on how to generate sales online (Refer others), in a way that even a 7-year old kid could do it. That’s why I write each guide with step by step instructions with screen shots, detailed information and more.

Other topics are also available such as ” MLM The Learning Curve “, which teaches beginners some of the basic rules of how to get started in the Multi Level Marketing industry, ” Blogging – Start Your Own Blog “, step by step instructions on how to start your own blog and much more.

Lately the blog has been fully focused in Online Money Making Opportunities (Make Money Online) and just a few of these that I am actually a member of.

Even though most of the posts are focused on Making Money Online, everything can be still found here by searching the top menu.

Here are the main Categories :


DoNothingMoney Blog

In the above categories you will be able to find countless articles on Advertising, Marketing, Promoting, Selling, Referring and much more.

I also have a list of Pre-launch Notice, Early Bird, New Programs & more, where members can request to receive information when a new promising hot company is about to launch.

I welcome guest posters as long as you are not writing about the usual credit score and credit card stuff and it’s also related to this blog and Money Making Online industry.

Any and all suggestions are welcome and I want to THANK YOU for reading all of my posts.

You can sign up to my newsletter by filling up the form on the left menu and if you enjoy reading my blog posts please leave a comment and / or give me a Facebook LIKE!

For any questions, feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards
Dirson Eduardo Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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