T2MoneyKlub $1,700 (20 Winners) Referral Contest

T2MoneyKlub Referral Contest
$1,700 In Prizes & 20 Big Winners


Great referral contest by T2MoneyKlub starting on March that will last a total of 30 days. Huge Prizes awarded to the winners and also a lot of members will win.

Not 3, not 10, not 15 but 20 Winners will share in the benefits of building their T2MoneyKlub business.

Keep this in mind, by participating in the Referral Contest you win TWICE, your downline grows and you earn referral commissions and you can win also a prize in the ref contest.

What? You are not a T2MoneyKlub member yet? Then help me bit the others & Join Now.

The first 10 members to sign up, will receive a full cashback to a minimum and maximum of 4 Dream Positions.


T2MoneyKlub Referral Contest

The Referral Contest is great for the fact that 20 members can qualify to win a prize, so whatever you do, you will win.

$1,700 are up for grabs, so grab your share of the huge bonus pool.

The contest will run from 1st March until the 30th March Midnight EST when the winners will be announce.
There will be 20 Winners and the prizes are as follow :

1st… $500
2nd… $300
3rd… $200
4th… $150
5th… $100
6th… $50
7th… $50
8th… $50
9th… $50
10th.. $50
11th – 20th.. $20 Each

The Contest Rules

The rules are plain and simple. No Spam allowed and no accounts from the same IP address will be counted towards the Referral Contest.

To be eligible to win any of the top 10 prizes you have to have at least 5 Qualified Referrals. A qualified referrals, it’s a referral that bought at least 4 Dream Positions in March.

To re-cap, each referral must purchase at least 4 dream positions to be counted.
There is a leaderboard that can be access from the main page, only the sponsors will be visible and the number of referrals will be shown on the 23rd March.
To earn the prizes from the 11th – 20th place you do not need to meet the 5 referrals standard, instead the sponsors with most paid refs will win on that scale.

Sponsors may NOT reveal how many QRs they have in open forums including this one. Any sponsor found discussing how many they have before 23rd march will be removed from the contest.

Join Us Now & Good Luck.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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