T2MoneyKlub & Compound150 (Latest Update)

T2MoneyKlub & Compound150

T2MK & C150 Updates

If you are a T2MoneyKlub member the you are wondering what is going on at the moment, well there is a lot going on in the background and Dave (The Admin) is keeping everyone updated through the MoneyNetworkForum.

T2MoneyKlub will be going through some major improvements and that might require a restart. All members have been paid all the way until the 14th or 15th April and the rest of the withdrawals are pending. The details of the restart or further program enhancements areĀ  not yet clear but it will be a lot better.

No more mandatory Tasks : T2MoneyKlub tasks are not going to be mandatory anymore, you will do tasks only if you want to.

All of the income streams and projects to generate money are now closer and these will be the biggest asset for T2MoneyKlub. It takes time to build an income for thousands of people but once the money starts to flow in from dozens of different projects then everyone will want to join and be part of “Our Klub”.

Compound150 – I Got Paid

For Compound150, everything is working as it should. Everyone got paid just now and members are getting their 1% daily.

C150 Status = PAYING

If you have any questions please use the comment section below.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana

6 thoughts on “T2MoneyKlub & Compound150 (Latest Update)

  1. Hi Dirson,

    Please , up date your up blog. Dave is gone. No T2 pay out since April 14th. No Opted Out refunding . It seems Dave is a plain thief .

    • Hello, if you are a T2MK member you can access the Members section in the MoneyNetworkForum and see the discussion there.

      Dave is pretty active and getting the program back on track.

      Compound150 is fully paying (Everyone got all of their pending payments).
      T2MoneyKlub will go into restart (The restart feature has been there since day 1).

      If you have anymore questions just let me know.


      • Maria Lyeda says:

        Tks for your response however I see nothing in MNR would you mind elaborate?

        • Yes sure.

          C150 is back on track and fully paying.

          T2MK is going through a Full Restart, a full update will go out in the next few hours.

          Quote from MoneyNetwork Forum

          Update in approx 1 hour, maybe a bit longer, its a complex one.
          SNEAK PEAK!!
          Everyone will be in profit, our guarantee to the members.
          Opt-outs will also be changed to profit making, same as all members as a reward for their patience.

          Kind Regards

  2. Olukunle Olaniran says:

    Thank you for your regular communication and updates on these programs. I have not received the update on the restart yet, can you please keep me informed when it is available . Thanks a lot!