T2MoneyKlub New Domain Today

T2MoneyKlub New Domain Today

UPDATE : The domain change was successfully and worked extremely fast and without problems.

T2MoneyKlub so far known as Tripler2 or JssTripler2 is moving to it’s new domain today, this will help give every member faster access to the website and their backoffice, a fresh new look and get rid of all the confusion that has been created with the program name.

This is not only about the name itself but also new features will be implemented on the new domain http://t2moneyklub.com.

The members tasks module will also be implemented really soon, maybe by the 1st March. T2MoneyKlub members will need to complete a certain group of tasks every month in order to qualify for the 2% daily passive income. These tasks will mostly help in building websites that are later going to be sold for a profit, then the profit is saved in the T2MK cash bank to maintain the daily 2%.

More income streams are available all the time such as the T2MoneyKlub Forum which generates revenue through ads, the program monitor, the ecurrency exchanger & much more.

You can join Right Now by going to Www.T2MoneyKlub.Me or clicking on the banner below :

Below you can find the official update about the transfer to the new domain.

T2MoneyKlub Official Update – 26/02/2012

Hi members.

We will be hopefully completing the move to the new domain name this evening and BOTH websites will be going down for a few hours just to make sure that nobody adds data entries while we are moving.

The websites may already be down by the time you read this update. We will keep the blackout to a minimum. I will send out another update once we are open.

Also, once we have officially moved over, all you existing advertising and T2 referral links will redirect to the new site and will be logged as normal, so no need to worry about your paid campaigns being washed out by the domain change.

Also, we have added the ability to see all your level 1 referral’s emails in the referrals page. I also asked Mark to code it up so that you can view up to 500 results on the same page. This will give the bigger sponsors the ability to sort by email (bringing all emails to the top of the list and hold down their keyboard CTRL key and highlight the columns they want, then drag the mouse down to capture all the data they need for their list.

So can all sponsors please send out a link to the update to all refs to make sure everyone gets the update.

I have not yet completed all the content for the T2MK site, because I don’t want to add it yet until we have the new tasking system in place, this will cause confusion and a load of support tickets asking where the task stuff is on the site 😉 We are set to have that started on 1st March. Please stay tuned.

Also we have a new addition to the family… This is a cool travel search tool that taps into over 230,000 hotels, 600 airlines and many car hire firms… It also has Free discount coupons to use on you visit.. Its a great site and has 5 separate income streams..

Please check it out here. (Please read the full description).


Thats it for now…. enjoy the new travel site and have a nice dream about your next 2 weeks in the sun.

Bye for now.


Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz

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