T2MoneyKlub Membership Closing April 1st

T2MoneyKlub Progress & Tasks
Membership Closing April 1st


T2MoneyKlub Update

Hello everyone, T2MoneyKlub launched it tasks module and it is working amazingly well, the tasks in itself opened the doors to dozens of new income streams and ideas that can be implemented almost right away to increase the revenue generated by the T2MoneyKlub income streams.

In a matter of days T2MoneyKlub members have completed thousands of tasks building up website and getting them ready to sell for a profit in just hours. Great job everyone and keep it up.

In the latest Official Update the Admin announced new programs & feeder programs coming to the T2MoneyKlub family of websites of all types, where you will be able to earn an extra buck, a quick buck, long term and short term income all by the same Administration team. Stay tuned for more on that, this is a great opportunity for everyone in this program.

Note : If you need help doing your tasks please visit :
T2MoneyKlub – Member Tasks – How To – Step by Step

People are wondering how a T2MoneyKlub restart would work, let me point out a quick fact, if you just invested money in T2MoneyKlub or a week or 3 weeks only since you purchased your Dream Positions, you will never loose any money here, you keep all your positions and all your money. So you are always safe to invest at any time. Remember that T2MoneyKlub has real income streams, dozens of them.

T2MoneyKlub Opt-Out

T2MoneyKlub is a passive income program where you can earn a nice 2% daily, the passive side of the program is the fact that you don’t need to refer others but right now members have to complete a set of tasks which can take only about 10 minutes a day in order to qualify for their full earnings, some members are not happy with these tasks and a solution was almost instantly worked out for them.

Every T2MoneyKlub member has the choice to opt-out of the program, by opting out they will receive a full refund of their initial investment after agreeing to the opt-out terms, you can read more about this on the official update.

This is just a minority but it is still the best possible move by the Admin because this will simply keep Every Single T2MoneyKlub member HAPPY. Your money is SAFE as Always!!!


Membership Closing April 1st

The T2MoneyKlub membership will be closing on April 1st. T2MoneyKlub isn’t a ponzi and does not want to run as such, so the membership will close until all the income streams are stabilized and all the members are set and earning their daily share. There are many, many projects happening at the same time and the common public is just not ready for that, so the program will keep only a small base and work with them, once the program is fully ready the membership will re-open which is planned to happen around 2013.


Referral Contest

Remember the T2MoneyKlub referral contest and $1,700usd are being dealt to the winners. You have the chance to win by just referring few members. There will also be a total of 20 hardworking winners, so make sure to get there.

Read the full Referral Contest details here.


T2MoneyKlub Official Update

The main issues are the members tasks, new feeder and additional programs to the T2MoneyKlub family, dozens of new projects for the future, the Referral Contest, membership closing and the opt out option.

Below is the link to the Official Update :  T2MK Opt-Out Opportunity

And here is a quote :

Hi T2MK Members.

Well…. What can I say?

These tasks were meant to give you confidence in T2MK and its future. Give you a sense of pride that you were not bleeding money out of the pockets of future losers. Give you a sense of ownership in the program.

Also I really need these task done as they have been set up. there are bigger things to come and these tasks are part of a big set of tests. they can not be changed, scaled down or other things added as an easy option. We are far too busy to be messing around with recoding the entire system for a few people. I wish I could, but I am too consumed in a massive T2 addon project that it is impossible.

I wish all the members were happy. But I can’t make everyone happy.

With the vast majority of the members, this is no difficult ask. But for some, well…. looks like this program was actually a poor choice for them, and i am sorry for that.

So what can I do in this situation? I don’t want the few ranting constantly at the happy and content masses. I also don’t want to force any member to do what they don’t want to do. So I am giving any member who thinks that they can’t hack a future in T2MK, the opportunity to leave ‘gracefully’.

If you wish to leave then you have an opt out link added to your profile settings page. You can find your profile page by going to your dashboard and in the top right corner, clicking on the ‘Edit Details’ button.

at the bottom of your profile settings you will see the link.. Clicking this link will take you to a page where you will be able to review the terms of the opt out, then check the box to agree and click on the ‘confirm’ button.

That’s it… You are out… No more horrible tasks. You have 4 days to opt out. You can not reverse your decision later.

There will be no discussion on this in the forum, I will NOT be answering any questions on the topic and NO topics on the subject to be started in the MNF forum. Any PMs here or in MMG or Skype or support tickets will not be replied to, neither will any questions coming in via moderators. You either want in or out. So lets not beat around the bush. We need to get this turned over and get on with our work.

We are also asking members not to post unreasonably negative things about T2MK. It is not productive and it may lead to you being added to the outgoing list. I only want happy members.

Outgoing members can expect to be handled with respect, however, we expect the same respect in return.

Outgoing members will be downgraded to guest members in the MNF forum.


I am bringing the member cap forward to 1st April, where registrations will close and will not be reopened until the T2MK program is able to sustain its current member base. very doubtfully to be in 2012. There will be no leeway on this.


We are going to be adding programs at a later date, sooner rather than later… These programs will allow members extra ways to earn from T2MK.

Also, members remaining but electing not to do the tasks and just holding out for their matrices, will not be awarded their matrices on expiry. This is because it is being advised on forums like MMG as a way of staying and not doing. I can not tolerate the majority of members doing tasks to subsidize those who won’t. This has been a hands on club since day one back in November, and I know things have changed, but for those who forgot the Chris incident, the AP freeze, the long fight to recover funds at a loss, changed things. it was the only way of recovering.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is doing their bit to help the club, and some doing more than their bit. We really do appreciate you, and I am working tirelessly to make sure we can make a huge impovement in your lives.

That’s it for today I suppose… nothing much really… Yawn.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana
skype : strosdegoz


4 thoughts on “T2MoneyKlub Membership Closing April 1st

  1. What should i do?

    • Bring your friends (Referrals) into the program As Soon As Possible before T2MoneyKlub becomes private, because after that no new members will be allowed.

  2. T2money club tasks do not come up. I have completed 48 and it is Mar.24/12. I login and out, then login again and they still do not come up.